silent treatment

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an: i haven't been writing much of this book these days, but this idea popped into my head this morning (like 6am) and now i cant stop thinking about it till i finish writing this. this is a piece of drabble and was written very very hastily, so i'm terribly sorry for any mistakes.

ps: this is more of a possible theory in my head than a story, but still, purely fictional.


"Thanks for the ride, Kayc. I really appreciate it," Sean smiled, settling in the passenger's seat as Kaycee started the car. The duo had just left the new EXPG studio after taking two classes, and they were exhausted, to say the least. Especially the older boy, who had pulled all-nighters the past week to perfect his pieces for the Reveal dance convention he was travelling to the next day.

Sean buckled in his seatbelt, looking over at the girl next to him, who was still in a daze, just like she had been for the duration of the classes. He had noticed, but decided not to intervene or ask any further, not wanting to distract the both of them from the piece. They had a silent agreement that they wouldn't show physical affection during classes, though some lingering gazes and blushes were often shared between the two lovebirds who only recently, on Christmas, decided to put a name on their relationship though they had confessed months back. Sean had said that being able to call Kaycee his girlfriend was the best Christmas gift he'd ever received in his lifetime.

"Kayc, are you okay?" he asked, worried. She didn't reply, instead stepping on the gas pedal and starting to drive out of the studio's carpark. He pursed his lips, looking back to the front window before offering, "You seemed a little out of it during class today, do you want me to drive?"

Kaycee kept her mouth sealed as she took a left turn, her eyes glued on the road. Sean sighed, the worry within him growing.

"Angel, is there something bothering you?" he turned his head to face her, his voice gentle, filled with concern. When she didn't utter a word, he took her free hand in his, intertwining their fingers and bringing it up to kiss the back of her palm sweetly. "You can tell me anything, you know that right?"

She didn't react, nor did she pull her hand away from his as he started to rub the back of her palm with his fingers.

"Baby, please talk to me," he confessed. "I'm worried."

He sighed.

"Is it me? Did I do something wrong?" he mumbled, loud enough for her to hear. "If I made a mistake, I'm sorry. I really am. But I need to know what I did before I can make it up to you."

Kaycee signalled before turning right into a smaller road, still acting as if he were non-existent. His chest started to tighten as he felt a lump rising in his throat. He hated these silent treatments, he hated seeing the girl he loved upset — especially with him being the cause of it.

"Please tell me what I did wrong, Kayc. I'm sorry for making you angry," his voice was now weak, almost defeated as he brought her hand up to kiss the back of her palm again. "I'm begging you, please. I really don't want to leave to Chicago with us like this."

The car slowly moved to a halt as they approached a red light. He took this opportunity to lean over and plant a gentle kiss on her neck, and he noticed her tensing up.

He bit his lip, slumping back into his seat and turning to stare out the window as the car started moving again. For the next few minutes, he watched as the water droplets fell from the night sky and rolled down the tinted glass, creating patterns and shapes that mimicked the water trails that formed on his cheeks.

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