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Kaycee twirled her hair - a habit she always had whenever she was nervous or distressed, as she stared at the envelope placed on the table in front of her.

"Resignation Letter"

Her marketing director had just been offered a role with a higher salary in another company, that just so happened to be their competition. He was one of the best around, always finding creative ways to impress the clients - from playing with the English language such as through the use of puns and sayings, to answering questions fired by clients with well-phrased questions or lame yet effective jokes.

And because of this, she, the CEO of the small tech start-up company, was frustrated, to say the least. She didn't think any of her employees could match up to his eloquence and quick-mindedness when it comes to the client's queries, and with the presentation for their new proposal coming in a less than a week, she needed to find a replacement. Fast.

Wesley, the tech manager? No, he's such a weird guy, he may end up creeping out the clients. He can't think on his feet, either. Once when she had asked him how she should solve an issue in their latest app, he replied with something about toilet bowls and lasagna. She wondered why she hadn't fired him yet.

Jason, her business partner? No, he's unbelievably short-tempered, he would most likely be shouting at the clients minutes into the presentation should there be any mishaps.

Herself? No, she was never a huge fan of interviews, presentations and what-nots. She preferred staying behind her computer screen, focusing on coding and admin work, as well as managing the company's finances.

"Ugh!" she shouted, grabbing the resignation letter and throwing it against the wall.


Kaycee Rice strolled past the shops in the mall, keeping her eyes open for new clothes she could buy. Shopping was a way to get the whole find-a-new-marketing-director problem out of her head.

She walked past the high-end boutiques, not having a huge liking for designer products. She had always preferred comfort over value, choosing to come to work in a hoodie and sweatpants almost every day.

Kaycee soon found herself in the middle of the departmental store in the shopping mall, walking briskly as she scanned the items around her. Too preoccupied in her own thoughts, she accidentally bumped into a rack, causing it to fall and all its contents to scatter on the floor. Tripping over one of the items, she slipped and fell face flat.

"Shit," she mumbled to herself, before struggling to get up, only to see a hand being offered to her. She grabbed it and pushed herself up.

"Thanks," she said, looking up to see one of the departmental store employees.

"No problem, are you looking for something? You looked pretty dazed before you practically toppled this over," he replied with a smile, causing his dimples to surface.

Dang, he's cute.

"U-Uh yeah.. I-I w-was just looking for.. u-uh.. toilet plungers," she stammered, suddenly unable to speak properly, forcing herself to look away from those gorgeous dark brown eyes of his.

"T-Toilet plungers.. yeah," she continued, mentally scolding herself for coming up with such a lame cover-up.

The boy shot her a judgemental look.

"You're in the female clothes section. And you just knocked over a rack of lingerie. Toilet plungers are over at the other side of the store, one level up. Do you want me to bring you there? You know, in case you end up in the men's shoes section?" he said with a smirk.


"Which one should I get?"

Kaycee was now looking at a range of toilet plungers, standing next to the departmental store employee. She didn't plan to actually buy one, but since the employee had already taken his time to bring her to the 'right' section, she figured she would pretend to be interested in buying one, and maybe strike a conversation with the cute guy too.

"Depends on what your purpose is, ma'am," he replied.

"I don't know, perhaps to plunge toilets?" she shot back sarcastically.

"Well, I have seen people use toilet plungers for the weirdest uses ever," he explained, "and I figured since you plunged yourself onto a rack of lingerie trying to look for toilet plungers, you probably were one of them too."

She narrowed her eyes, giving him a stern glare.

"I-I was just joking, don't take it to heart ma'am," his eyes widened as he quickly tried to defend himself, raising both his arms up.

But her frustrated look instantly disappeared, replaced by a huge grin and a series of chuckles.

"Did you see the look on your face?" she teased.

"Don't take it to heart, ma'am," she continued, mimicking him, waving her hands dramatically.

Upon this sight, he couldn't help but break into laughter too.

"O-Okay, back to the plungers."

She started asking about the differences between each toilet plunger, and to her surprise, he responded eloquently, throwing a bit a humour here and there, and making their conversation much more interesting.

She was impressed.

"Do you like this job, Sean?" she abruptly interrupted him, causing him to look at her quizzically.

"It-it's fine, I guess. I get to bond with the customers, have little conversations like these and the p-pay's quite alright. Was kinda hard to get by at first, but I'm used to it," he forced a smile as he replied.

Kaycee rummaged through her bag, and took out her name card. She let out a deep breath before passing it to him.

"If you're interested, I'd like to offer you a job at my company."


The following week, Kaycee strutted into the meeting room, followed closely behind by Sean, who was holding a file full of papers in his hand.

His mouth fell open as he saw the clients, who were already seated, waiting for them to begin.

"Sean?" the man gasped, causing the woman seated next to him to turn her head.

"Woah, didn't expect to see you here!" she exclaimed, standing up before walking towards him and bringing him into a hug.

"You told me this was a pitch for an interactive dance app, but you didn't tell me it was for IMMABeast, Kaycee!" Sean whisper-shouted into her ear, causing the girl to shrug.

An hour later, they left the room, smiles on their faces, for they had secured a deal with Will and Janelle.

What they didn't know, was this was just the beginning to their story. The first plunge into the ocean of love.

a/n: this wasnt really love-centred. but oh well. i just want to say thank you for reading this, as well as all my other one shots, i know it mustve been torture reading my badly-written stories, but really, i appreciate every vote and every comment. if you have any requests or ideas and whatsoever, feel free to message me/ comment!

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