Zayn's Pov.

I feel a bit dumb about the whole girlfriend thing... I had already told her about being my girlfriend before, but I had to confirm it. I love Sonata, way to much to not know if she's with me or not... I do feel stupid for aski-telling her twice. Right now she is beyond undefinable, her dark hair framing that beautiful face. I love the way her cheeks crinkle when she smiles, I love her laugh, I love everything about her. I don't understand what's wrong with me... I've never felt this way before.

Harry's Pov.

I take a seat on Tommy's bed, looking out the window and secretly hoping Nata will be home soon. It's like while we weren't friends she kinda stayed in the back of my mind. I pushed her back there. But now that we're talking again, she's been snapped back into my life and back into importance. Except she was never not important to me, she snapped back so quickly because she's always been important. Tom went down stairs, leaving me with my thoughts I-

My thoughts suddenly come to a screeching halt, as a black car pulls up to the drive. I stare at it for a while, hoping, hoping hard, that the driver who I assume is driving Nata home, is a girl. Much to my angering dismay a boy with dark hair hops out of the car, walking to the passenger side and opening the door. Sonata walks out, intertwining their fingers he pulls her close to him by her shirt. She smiles up at him and I imagine myself as him. When did this happen? He pushes her against the car and she laughs at something he says, throwing her head back. All of a sudden everything gets serious, him looking into her eyes and her gazing back. They lean in slow, Sonata grabs his hair pulling him closer, if possible. Their lips lock and I feel a tear fall down my cheek, this wasn't supposed to happen. I feel like a bitch, sitting in here and crying. But the girl I love is with another and I thought I was getting her back.

You know when you start to cry about one thing but end up crying for every single problem in your life? That's what's happening. I sob loudly, watching as they kiss in the drive way.

"Harry?" I turn around to find Tom: he's standing in the doorway, brows furrowed and arms crossed. He walks over to me, confusion filling his features. "Wha-"

He, just like me, is speechless by the little show going on outside. His face turns into pure rage, fists clenched and knuckles white. He runs down the stairs and before long, I can see him outside.

Sonata's Pov.

"Sonata, get your ass inside," Tom spits and I look at him in shock. "You promised me, promised, that you wouldn't talk to him after that night." Tom looks pissed, his eyes anxious and me almost cowering. I then come to my senses, gaining my full height of 5'7.

"You're not my dad, Tom just stop." I cringe at the words exiting my mouth. Ever since my dad... well Tom has actually acted as if he's my dad. He always makes sure I'm okay, he's always nice. By the statement that I've just said, I'm a terrible person.

"Go," he snarls, his face turning to a look of sorrow.

"Listen, I'm sorry abo-" Zayn starts but Harry running out of the house cuts him off. Harry doesn't hesitate, lunging towards Zayn and punching him in the face. I stand in complete shock, why is Harry doing this?

Harry's face is a complete look of anger as he throws punch after punch. Tom just stands there and so do I, until I come to my senses, once again.

"Stop! Stop!" I cry, watching as Zayn takes charge, leaping on top of Harry and showering him with punches at the same force. I move towards Zayn, grabbing his arm in attempt to pull him off. Zayn pulls his arm away harshly, and I grab his arm again. I tug on it harder this time and Zayn thrashes, pushing me away without looking. I fall down about five feet away, landing on a rock. I cry out and Zayn suddenly stops what he's doing as Tom rushes to my aid. It's been about a week in a half and my foot still hurts, wearing the high heels didn't help. Tom helps me up just as Zayn comes over to us, Harry following, in a rush.

"Babe, babe, are you okay?" Zayn coos, moving to wrap an arm around me. Tom blocks him.

"Just go," Harry buts in, and I wonder what his problem is.

"Who even are you?" Zayn squeaks, looking at me for reassurance. I'm not sure how I feel about the fight, but I'm not mad about him pushing me down. It was an accident.

"Go," Tom grumbles, pointing towards his car. Zayn shrugs, looking at me and conjuring up a smile.

"I love you," he whispers in my ear, bringing up my face and planting a passionate kiss on my lips. I can't bring myself to say it back, not right now. He pulls off, a sad look on his face and my emotions swirl. Tears stream down my face as I think of what I said to Tom and about Zayn and just everything.

"Oh Nata are you okay?" Harry goes to pull me into a hug but I look away, moving into Tom's embrace.

"Why did you do that?" I sob, my tears soaking Tom's shirt, I'm sure. "Can't I be happy, just once, it's not fair. I have always been made fun of and I've never felt as good about myself as I do when I'm with him. What is wrong with me, what have I always done wrong?" I cry, tears completely fogging my vision. Tom's eyes soften as I speak, his grip on me tightening.

"Seriously? I tried to show my feelings for you when you didn't even think you looked good and you run away. This guy waits until you're hot to pounce. You were beautiful to me. Why couldn't you see that? I have liked you since for-"

"Yeah, I'll leave you guys to it," Tom sighs untangling my limbs from his and walking into the house. Thank god my step dad is at work, I wonder what he'd do...

"Anyway, I've liked you since forever and when I tried to show you that, you ran. You have no idea how that feels, I am disgusted with myself. And most of all, embarrassed." Harry sighs, suddenly moving forward and taking a finger and wiping under my eyes. As all of this information absorbs into my brain, I'm overwhelmed... I have know idea what to do. I don't know about Zayn or Harry. I take one more look at his beautiful features, all curly brown hair, cute dimples, and bright green emerald-e eyes. He's the last thing I see before I run, running faster and faster. I can run faster, now. One thought is in my brain as I think of the look on his face.

He looks crestfallen, and dejected.

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