Sonata's Pov.

School. I've been dreading this shit all week.... What will I wear? What will people say? Will I still be made fun of? All of my question can oviously not be answered unless I get up so... I do.

I look through my closet, my eye set on one outfit in peticular. I put on a pair of black skinnies, a tan pair of sandals and a mint green cropped top. I brush my dark hair, letting it cascade down my back, parting it to the side. I grab my newly bought mascara, putting only a few strokes on each lash. I brush my teeth, go pee and grab my bag, before walking down stairs. I quickly walk out of the front door, avoiding my stepdad.

The walk to school is long but very nice, I get a chance to think. My stomach is feeling very uneasy and I fear that I might vomit.. I am so nervous it's unbelievable. As I walk into the school parking lot, I keep my head down, my stomach is even worse than before and I'm really scared. I pull out my phone so I at least look like I'm occupied. I walk toward the bench I usually sit at, scrolling through Tumblr and such. The bell rings before I know it and I carry myself into the building, each step more nerve-racking. I look at my feet as I walk, keeping my head and my eyes down. A large pressure hits my chest and I find myself falling in a heap to the floor. I almost don't want to look up, I feel like someone did it on purpose.

"Hey, sorry are you okay?" I look up and am met with with Zayn Malik. I cower down expecting him to insult me like he usually would but then I remember, I'm hot, I look good..

"I'm fine," I smile through my hair, moving it out of my face. He picks up my books, handing them to me and smiling.

"Are you new?" He asks as I stand up and I shake my head, frowning. Do I really look that different? I think an obsessive bully of mine should and would recognize me.

"No I'm Sonata Lowell. I beileive we've met before." His eyes widen and I almost regret telling him, here come the insults.

"Wh-what?" He stutters and I look down.

"Sorry," I state, walking away from him. He is going to be mean he is going to make fun of me, he is-

"No no it's fine you look great." He says bluntly interrupting me and I'm taken aback, I look great? My new and revised inner psyche smiles waving her hand in the air and scoffing, 'Of course I look good. Bitch please'

"Thank you," I start towards my class but he grips my forearm.

"What class do you have?" He asks in a rush, smiling.

"Literature" I say, looking forward to it. I am still a little curious as to why he's speaking to me but hey what the hell I might as well take advantage. A new confidence is taking over my body, and I'm not sure if I like it.

"Well I don't have the same class but let me walk you," He smiles grabbing my hand and pulling me along. I get multiple stares, people wondering who's with Zayn I suppose.

Zayn dropped me off making small talk as we walked through the hallways. I feel different and new and I love it. I make no movement to talk to anyone and I don't really look up from my work. I don't want to be made fun of.

As I enter the lunch room, people stare, I really wonder if they recognize me... I almost walk towards Tom's old table.. but then I remember, he graduated last year. Fuck.

I don't bother getting lunch before walking towards the bathroom. As I walk I almost hope someone stops me and asks me to there table... But they don't, until someone does.

(Hey guys I'm so sorry this is so short... I'm a bit busy-this is Katelyn by the way. But my next update will be super long. I promise! please vote/comment/etc. Bye Darlings)

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