Sonata's Pov
"Okay," I say pausing the movie. "I'm going to go grab us some thing to drink. My mom just bought stuff for Italian sodas alright? I'll be right back." I stand up.
"Do you want me to come with?" He stands as well but I shake my head no.
"It's fine." I smile "Sit, I'll be right back." I just need some time to think, and him being right next to me, I can't. My inner psyche pouts, an evil look in her eyes 'you know you want him to go with you' she accuses, raising her eyebrows.
In spite of her, I go any way. Because its true, I need to think. I really do. I mean what am I supposed to do about Harry? He obviously likes me, loves me whatever, but I don't. I realize that now, I don't like or love him as anything besides an extremely attractive friend. But Zayn on the other hand, I just don't know.
I begin to make the Italian sodas, I fill the cups with ice and soda, then I put in the cream and then the flavor. Putting whip cream on top. I walk out the kitchen and am about to walk up the stairs but then
"Sonata," I hear his voice, the voice I thought wouldn't be here. "C'mere," John smirks, obviously unaware that Zayn is upstairs. He pats his lap from the arm chair that he resides.

Zayn's Pov
A sudden scream stirs me from my thoughts. I quickly walk out of her room, wanting to see what's up. I hot foot down the stairs and walk even faster as I hear the sound of crying.
"Please, just stop." I hear Sonata whisper.
"You shut the fuck up." Is what comes after that and at this point I'm running. "Keep moving, ha your mom does better than you Sonata." And that's when I see it. Sonata being thrown up and down, a disgusting man beneath her, long greasy black hair hanging down on his neck. Her shirt and bra are both off, and shes being forced to move on top of her dad? what the fuck?!?!? Her body is shaking and tears stream down her face. Despite my confusion I leap towards them pulling her off him and setting her on the couch
"Zayn!" She screams.
"What the fuck." Is what her dad or whatever he is was about to say as he tries to walk towards me, but I silence him with a fist. In the face. A few actually. But I don't drastically hurt him like I'd fucking love to. Nope, my girl needs me. I run over to the pile she's in on the floor, her arms are crossed and she's shaking uncontrollably. I go to wrap my arms around her, and pick her up but she flinches.
"Shhh," I coo. "It's alright."
I kiss her cheek and pick her up
"We are leaving, right now." I say.
"And you're coming with me." Her dad or whatever is still out cold but I can't help kicking him in the stomach as I walk up the stairs to grab a few things she might need.
She says nothing as I grab her some clothes, her laptop, her phone, etc.
I have no idea what to think but all I know is that she is not coming back here.

(So here it is the grand finally. Lemme know what you think. -katelyn.)

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