Zayn's Pov

Sonata, Sonata, Sonata. She's the only thing I can think about, the only person I want to see. At first I just wanted to get in her pants, I mean now she is beyond hot, but she's more than that, so much more. No girl has ever made me this way, I'm so whipped it's not even funny. She is my world, but I'm afraid I fell for her to soon, to fast.

Sonata's Pov.

As I lean my head against the door, I start to recognize the voices.

"But I swear I love her," I quirk an eyebrow as Harry talks. "And after what happened I really need her, sincerely. She didn't even ask why I kissed her she just left," My eyes widen as I realize who he's taking about.

"Come on Harry, it's okay. Just try and talk to her, you guys have known each other since we were all kids. You can't throw away your friendship like that." Tom sighs, and I suddenly feel guilty. I should talk to him, we both deserve that. In a bad attempt to open the door and act as if I wasn't just standing and listening, I fall. I fall straight into the swinging door, my foot practically above my head.

I cry out in pain and I think I hear something snap.

"Ohh shit," I sob, tears springing to my eyes.

"Nata?" I look up at the nickname used by only one person. Harry. "Are you okay?" I look down at my leg and it's swelled up to the size of a ballon. Already. I stand up, crying out in pain, before falling back down. Harry and Tom both linger over me, and I feel a bit odd. My foot is throbbing, up and down, up and down. I shake my head, tears falling free, and hiccups following.

"No," I say, the pain intensifying. "Please, help me up." Tom nods his head but Harry glares at him, Tom reads some sort of message by the look in Harry's eyes, stepping back. Harry steps forward and bends down, lifting me up, bridal style.

"Do you need to go to the hospital?" Tom asks, urgently. I nod my head, not really knowing what else to do. I think something's wrong with my foot.

My foot aches the whole car ride and Harry insists on sitting in the back with me. This is weird.


"Okay miss Lowell, you should be able to walk on it in about two weeks. It's just a hairline fracture, but be easy on it." Dr. Larson smiles, helping me off the table and on to my crutches. Harry and Tom try and help me to the car, but I manage on my crutches. My foot feels a little better on the ride home but it still throbs. As we pull up my drive, Tom asks if Harry is staying the night. He is... I think about all the sleepover's we used yo have and I almost cringe, I wish we could do that again. Maybe, just maybe, we can. Maybe we can all forget about the kiss and move on, I hope so.

"So, I'm going to get blankets and stuff. Uh Sonata?" Tom tilts his head towards me. "Would you mind sleeping in my room, with us? Like old times." He whispers in my ear and I nod immediately, loving that my brother is acting a bit more normal. I hobble up the stairs with Harry as Tom heads towards the downstairs closet, grabbing blankets. The silence is deafening, I want to do something.. Maybe I should talk to him now, I guess.

"Uh, so what's up?" I take a seat on Tom's bed, Harry awkwardly standing in front of me.

"Not much, I got promoted to manager at Mae's." He runs a hand through his long, curly hair, a nervous habit of his, and I'm reminded of how much miss him. "You?"

"Well, I mean just the norm, I don't know." 'You have a boyfriend' my inner psyche smirks, raising her eyebrows, but I shush her.

"Oh," he blankly answers. Oh lord this is so awkward, to awkward.

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