Sonata's Pov. 

It's been about a two weeks since the John incident and for some reason he hasn't talked to me since, but he does look at me. A lot.. It scares me a bit but I haven't been home as much as I usually would, I've been hanging around Zayn. Me and him haven't had sex again since the first time but tonight might be the night, he's taking me out. Lately, instead of sitting with his usual friends he takes me to lunch, he's a lot nicer than the first nigh and I've decided that he's worth another try. Tommy is the only problem, he wonders where I go. I always tell him I'm going for a run but he's beginning not to believe me.

  "Sonata!" I hear my mother call and I quickly Look my self in the mirror, fixing my hair. I look good, I think. I'm wearing a pair of black skinny jean which are rolled up, making capri's. My shirt is an Abby Road, black Beatles shirt and black sandals adorn my feet. My hair cascades down my back, not in any particular style and it looks good as well. I grab my maroon button-up coat and spray myself with vanilla bean, Bath and Bodyworks before walking down stairs, once I reach the bottom I am met with Zayn and my mum, who are chatting mindlessly. I silently thank god that Tom is at work, he would kill me, and Zayn, if he saw Zayn here. 

  "Ready to go?" He stands, once he's caught sight of me, his eyes racking up and down my body.

  "Yeah," I smile, watching my mother walk out of the room. He walks towards me, intertwining our fingers and walking towards the door. As we reach the car, he actually opens the door for me, unlike last time. 

  "So, where are we going?" I ask,  watching as he buckles himself, reminding me to. He looks very hot. His black T-shirt clinging to his sexy figure, along with his hair, his gorgeous hair.

  "Just a small restaurant," he shrugs, smiling at me and kissing my lips, before pulling out of the drive. "That's okay right?" He asks looking vulnerable and making me giggle, he's adorable. His attitude towards me has changed quite a lot, instead of being cold and just sexual, he's very sweet and very cute. 

  "Yes it's fine," I smile shyly feeling a blush rise to my cheeks as he places a hand on my thigh. As he does this I am some how brought back to the first time he picked me up... Oh god that terrible night.

  "I hope so, I want you to love it." He smiles and I wonder why he's acting so weird... He's usually more chill and relaxed. 


As we walk into the restaurant, I'm surprised, this is nicer than I thought. Above all of the tables are stained glass lap covers, a dim light inside of them, the floor is pure hard wood and it looks beautiful, matching the color of the tables.

  "Do you want to sit outside?" He asks, nervousness intact. I nod my head yes, considering it's beyond nice outside and less people are out there. The waiter guy walks us out, waving at people as he goes. 

  "What can I get you to drink?" He asks and it's then that I notice how entirely attarctive he is. His hair is light blond, making his green eyes pop, his face is very babyish and I want to go up and squeeze his cheeks. 

  "I'll have a sprite," Zayn quirks, keeping his eyes only on me and gently clasping my hand beneath the table. 

  "and you?" The waiter looks at me and I smile. 

  "I'll just have a water," I look back at Zayn and he's frowning, I look at him confused but he shakes his head. The waiter nods and walks away. I look towards Zayn and he's still frowning.

  "What's wrong?" I ask sweetly, squeezing his hand. 

  "You like how the waiter looks?"  His eyes darken and I frown, tilting my head. 

  "Why do you say that?" I smirk, letting go of his hand and crossing my hands over my chest. 

  "The way you were looking at him, I can tell." He looks a bit scary so I decide to assure him that I like him, by kissing his lips. I hold the kiss a bit longer than we usually do, taking him by surprise.

  The rest of dinner goes smoothly, I keep my eyes off the waitress and Zayn smiles the whole time, muttering sweet nothings in my ear. As we get back to the car, Zayn pins me to it, looking me in the eye.

  "I can't wait to get you out of those clothes, as good as they look, they'd look better off."  He breathes in my ear and I shiver. He leans in kissing me hard and good, me gripping his hair and pulling me to him. 


  "This is my house. Sorry." He sighs. "I never asked if you wanted to go home just t-" He's rambling.

  "It's fine, I'll come in," I smile, opening the door and stepping onto the side walk.

  As we enter his house and walk up the stairs, he holds my hand tightly, like he's afraid I'll let go. 

  "My parents won't be home for a while, and even when they do come home they won't look for me so were good." He says awkwardly, opening a door and guiding me in. His room is nothing I would expect from a teenage boy. His room is white, matching his carpet. His bed sits on the left side of his room and he has one dresser. The room is unbelievably neat.

  "Uh do you even go in here?" I ask, in awe. My room is like, just terribly messy.

   "Yeah I sleep in here and stuff," He shrugs, but then looks me in the eye. "Listen, Sonata, I'm sorry about that first night we, uh did that. I understand why you haven't wanted to do it again, I was drunk and I wasn't thinking right. I'm sorry," He sighs, but I stay quiet. "If you want to, which I hope you do, I will make this time enjoyable, for you," He blushes, and it's the first time I've seen him blush. "But I understand if you don-"

  "I do," I interrupt him again, shrugging.

   "Okay," he sighs walking over to me, and shutting the door. "Take off your clothes," he runs a hand through his hair, sitting on the black blanket of his bed. I do as he says, removing my shirt and my black skinnies. I stand before him in a white thong and a black bra. Damn, I forgot to match my undergarments. 'Well, at least you shaved this morning' my inner psyche reminds me, and I smile. I look up at Zayn not meeting his eyes, his are trained and kept on my body. 

  "Come here," he finally says and I walk over to him, slowly. I walk until I'm standing right in front of him, he puts his hands on my hips and goosebumps rise. He lifts off his shirt, throwing it on the ground and standing up in front of me. "Take off my pants,"  I do as he says, kneeling in front of him. He is left in his boxers when he pushes me on the bed, kissing me forcefully, passionately, and hungrily. He moans as I fist his hair, but then I feel him get off me. I look at him weirdly, before I understand what he is doing. He pulls down his boxers, his erection sprung free, opening the top drawer of his dresser and grabbing a familiar foil packet. He sets it on the bed, moving towards me and looking down at me. He pulls down my panties and I shudder, feeling embarrassed. He quickly tears the foil, rolling on the condom and getting on top of me. 

  "Are you sure?" he asks and I hesitate, remembering the last time, before nodding and bring my lips to his. He slips in slowly and pain only resides in my body, feeling almost none existent, it is masked by pleasure. He flips us over, me on top straddling his lap, he wills me to make my own pace. I go slowly at first, going faster and faster. 

  "Ohh fuck," he moans from beneath me, bringing his hands to my hips and moving them in a circular motion. He pulls me down, locking our lips, his hands roam my back until he unclasps my bra letting my breasts and bra fall freely.  He moves us faster and I find myself convulsing, my orgasm making me clench before letting go and coming around him. I moan his name and he comes, we both lie breathlessly. 

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