Sonata's Pov
  The whole walk back home all I could think about was Zayn, and me. I just don't know how I feel, but I do know that I hate being from him. I just don't know what I want any more.
  Once I get back to my house I go straight to my room. I choose the clothes that I will be wearing for school tomorrow and then I decide to continue reading fifty shades.
    Zayn's Pov
  I look down at my feet, my shoes are dirtier than I thought. I almost use that as an excuse to leave. But I know this will benefit me the most so, I knock. I wait for around what feels like forever, before walking down the steps. I look back up at her house, there's a big bay window in the front and the curtains that cover it start to move, and then I see her looking out of it.
   "Wait!" I hear the door open and I see Sonata. I almost lose the breath that sits in my lungs at the sight of her. She's wearing a pair of yoga pants and a tank top, but she looks absolutely heavenly. Her hair is in this little puff ball on top her head, and little pieces of hair frame her perfect face.
  "Uh, hi." I scratch the back of my head. "I missed you." I immediately drop my bad facade, mentally slapping myself for acting so desperate. Before I came here I promised myself that I would be composed, be cool, make her remember why she liked me.
That's why she stopped liking me, right? Because I showed my feelings, I need to be that bad boy again.
But that's when she's does something I didn't expect, she runs toward me. All the way down her steps, and all the way into my arms. Her legs wrap around my waist and I almost fall, thank god I don't. The way she smells is enough to make me faint from to much happiness, she smells like she always does she smells like vanilla.
  "I missed you more. And listen, I'm so sorry. I just wasn't sure what I wanted." She whispers. "But seeing you here standing in my driveway, the way I've hoped you would ever since I left you at the park, just makes me absolutely sure."
She smiles, and that's when she kisses my lips. "Come inside, it's just me." I look at her a bit confused, go inside? She's sure? Sure of what? I'm still winded from that kiss, not to mention flustered.
"Okay." Is all that I can manage as I follow her up the driveway and in to her house.
Her house is like a little cottage, except it's house sized. The inside reminds me of a cottage I guess, I don't know. I'm still confused.
"This is my room," She grandly presents it to me, her arm stretched out. She plops on the bed and all I can do is stand there, like an idiot. With any other girl, I would have sprung on her, and been done by now. But with Sonata, I just don't know what to do.
"Zayn, sit down." She smiles. "What's with you?" I take a seat next to her.
"Nothing," I sigh. "I'm just surprised." Shrugging, I itch the back of my neck.
"Well let's not talk about all of that right now." She smiles even bigger, grabbing a lap top off of her bedside table. "C'mere, let's cuddle, watch Netflix and think of nothing besides The Wolf of Wall street." Which happens to be the best movie on Netflix, so thank god she chose that one and not some chick flick. But why would I expect Sonata, of all people, to be like other girls?
Harry's Pov
After Sonata leaves I head straight for the shower, absolutely exhausted. So exhausted in fact, that I almost fall asleep in the shower.
But right as I get out of the shower, and head to my room to nap, I get a call from work.
"Harry listen, I know today's your day off but we need you in here." Is what hear as soon as I answer the phone. Fuck.

Once I get to work, I in radiantly go to my manager and ask her why she wanted me in.
"One word. Trainees. Caroline can't teach them anything, she just stared a week ago. I can't believe Chris and Ali left during the same week." She flips her hair, the way she always does.
"Anyway, here's the fresh meat." She smiles, pointing to a blond guy and a very large black dude, walking away from me.
"Hi." I say unenthusiastically
"Let's get to work."
For how big the black guy, who I now know as Marvin, is he is so dumb! He sucks at listening and following directions as well. But the blond guy, Niall, is more than I would ever gave hoped for as a fellow co worker. Not only does he perfectly do everything I say, he never asks twice, not even once.
"Alright. I'm clocked out, bye Janet." I smile, feeling much better. The whole day has been much better than I thought it would've been. We barley had any customers all day so I just trained the trainees the whole time almost, so now I have tomorrow off.
A familiar ding goes off as I walk out the door. I immediately check my phone, secretly hoping Sonata has texted me. But no! Ohh the shame. I feel like she was practically forced to go out with me, and to stay the night. What a bunch of shit.
I pull the keys from my pocket and go to open my moms old car, but then I hear my name.
"Uh Harry?" I turn around to find my new and favorite employee, Niall.
"What's up?" I ask.
"This might sound weird but could I uh uh have ride?" He looks rather nervous. "Because listen my friend was supposed to get me but she can't now." He explains. "It's a really far walk and I have no idea where I'm-"
"Dude calm down. I'll take you no problem you don't have to tell me anymore of that." I smile, walking over to the drivers side and unlocking all the doors.
"Hop in."

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