It's almost 2am when Zayn stops before my house. The lights are still on and I hope it's my mum who stayed up. At least she likes Zayn so she won't be so mad.

"Are you sure I don't have to go with you?" Zayn asks for the third time and I smile because it's so sweet he wants to do this for me.

"No it's ok, it's probably just my mum who is still watching a movie."

"Ok", Zayn leans over and gives me a kiss.

"See you tomorrow."

I smile and walk towards the frontdoor. I feel his eyes burn in my back and when I look he is smiling. I wave and when I walk inside I hear his car leaving. It's like Zayn is so sweet, I didn't expect things would go like this after our first time. I'm just going to forget about last time and dreaming about this for the last two weeks. This night was incredible!

I walk toward the kitchen when a voice welcomes me.

"Where have you been?" Toms voice is mad, really mad but its not the only thing I hear. There's also some disappointment and I think there's something else as well like sorrow?

I think about lying, but I know he will never believe I went running. I mean at this hour in these clothes? No way...

"I was out." I look at Tom and see tears in his eyes. Wow , I know he doesn't like Zayn, but he would never cry just because of him, would he?

"With the asshole?"

"His name is Zayn." I'm trying to stay calm. Tom is already upset and I don't wanna make it worse.

"I've been waiting here since eleven Sonata, because I needed you , I called you at least ten times but you didn't answer."

"Didn't mum tell you where I was."

"Yeah Sonata she told me, that's why I called you. I don't want you to go out with him, he isn't good for you. When are you going to realise that?"

"He changed Tom, he is sweeter now and ...."

"A human can't change in two weeks, Sonata. Certainly Zayn can't change, he has been like this since he was born."

"Well Tom, I remember you saying that I changed in the two months you didn't see me. So I thought a human can change." His behaviour is starting to annoy me, but I can't be mad cause I know that's not the only thing he is thinking about.

"What happened with you Tom?" For the first time Tom looks straight in my eyes.

"What do you mean?" I sigh because I know he knows where I'm talking about.

"Tonight, there's something else on your mind. I see you're hurt and I know it's not only me. What happend? Who did you see?" When I ask my last question , he shivers and I know that was the right question. "Tom?"

"After work, I went to see Harry." I nod, not knowing where he wants to go with this. Tom looks at me and I know he wants me to understand , but I don't so he takes a breath and moves on. "For the first time in two weeks." I start to understand it and my eyes grow bigger, this can't be true. Tom is not the one who has to solve this problem. It's something between Harry and me, Tom has nothing to do with it.

"Why didn't you visit him earlier?"

"I couldn't Sonata, I was not ready for it. After what happend between you, I needed some time to absorb the information." I nod and wait until he moves on , but he doesn't , he just stays quiet.

"Tom, what are you withholding from me?"

"Nothing, we just had an argument. That's all. I'm ok." Of course he isn't ok, he just doesn't want to tell me.

"Tom I don't wanna be the reason for the argument between you two. You two are supposed to be best friends remember. " He shrugs.

"I'm gonna sleep, you should go as well, you have school ." He walks away and lets me alone in the kitchen.

I'm overthinking everything and I know what I am going to do tomorrow after school. I am going to say to Zayn that I can't go with him and his friends, I know he will be dissappointed, but I have to talk with Harry. As soon as possible!

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