And when she turned around, his jaw dropped.

"K-Kaycee. Y-You're back."

17 November 2019

"How did she look?" Diana asked, trying to hide her surprise. She recalled how he would always talk about how Kaycee looked, from her brown eyes to her bright smile. He would never talk about anyone, or anything else. Just Kaycee. The first time they met. Their journey on WOD. The time he confessed to her. Their first date. The list goes on.

"G-Gorgeous. As always. S-She left her hair curly, you know?" this time, he looked up to face her, his eyes fixated on hers as his face showed no emotion. Yet, his stare was so intense, it startled her a little, causing her to look away, grabbing her coffee mug with her trembling hands and taking a small sip.

She couldn't believe she just got scared by a 17 year old. Well, it was her choice to come into this department. And take on his case, determined to help him.

He looked back at his fingers that were fidgeting on the table, as if he remembered something.

"S-She has been coming every day ever since, only for a while though, then when my parents come into my room, she would leave. I offered for her to join me to see you today, b-but she declined. She's not great with strangers, you see?" he continued talking with a chuckle.

Diana pursed her lips, thinking of a question to ask.

"That's great, Sean. How are you and Kaycee doing? Are you still a couple?" she asked gently.

"Sort of. W-We plan to take it slow, I mean, after losing her for a whole year, now that she's back, she wants to slowly transition into a relationship, and.." he trailed off, disappointment evident in his voice as he looked through the window behind Diana.

All of a sudden, his eyes lit up again.

For he saw her, standing outside the window, a bright smile on her face as she gave him a big thumbs up, cheering him on. She raised her eyebrows slightly, the smile never leaving her face, urging him to continue talking.

He had told her about how he hated these sessions with Diana, how boring and pointless he always thought they were and how he would rather be in his room, listening to his music playlist - which was now filled with depressing songs. But now that she was right there, supporting him, he felt more at ease.

She mouthed an "I love you", before disappearing into thin air.

"B-But she still loves me. And for now, that's all that matters," he concluded, looking back at Diana.

17 November, 2019.

Diana was typing furiously, hitting backspace countless of times. She couldn't focus, especially after that conversation she had with him.

He sat on the chair in front of her, staring into the distance, his air pods now in his ears and blasting music so loud that she could hear the bass from where she was sitting.

Diana closed the Word Document, unable to continue typing. She let out a sigh.


He removed one of his air pods.

"Could you possibly bring your parents in? I'd like to speak to them for a bit. You can go and wait outside, it won't take long," she flashed him a sweet smile.

He nodded and left the room.

A few moments later, his parents walked in, looking calmer than their previous visits.

Diana took in a deep breath.

"Hi Mr and Mrs Lew."

"Hi Doctor, h-how is he?" Miya warily asked.

She sighed.

"How is he at home?" she replied, avoiding her question.

"This week, much better, honestly. He's been getting more sleep, has been eating more, even stopped locking himself in his room and cutting himself. And he's back into dancing and cooking occasionally. It's almost as if nothing happened. Thank you Diana, this sudden improvement is astounding," Cheuk replied.

Silence filled the whole room, before Diana spoke up.

"I'm so sorry, Mr and Mrs Lew. I think things have just gotten a whole lot worse," she said.

"How is that so? He nowhere as depressed as before, doesn't that mean he's gotten over her?" Cheuk furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at her name card stack on the table.

On which read 'Professor Diana Wells, Psychiatry Department'.

"He hasn't gotten over her, Mr and Mrs Lew."

She paused.

"Sean said, during our session today, that he had found.." she trailed off.

Silence filled the room once again.

"We n-need to tell him the truth, b-before it's too late," Miya's voice was shaky, stifled by sobs, "w-what do you suggest we do?"

Diana let out a deep breath as she stared at the file in front of her.

"You could start by bringing him to Kaycee Rice's grave."

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