Chapter 3: Distress 「困難」

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Warning! Naruto is too smart (?) in this chapter :)

Well, let's get into the story...

Chapter 3: Distress

Naruto kept her eyes from blinking too much as she watched the person she saved sleep. She still cannot believe the state he was in when she successfully pulled him out of the river.




Naruto gasped for air as she exited the river. She dragged the guy to the shore and started to examine him.

He was a teenager, between fifteen to eighteen year old. Short wavy spiky hair held back by black Konoha hitai-ate (forehead protector). Empty, bleeding eye sockets. Damaged back, ribs, and skull. Internal bleeding from the way blood seeped out from his mouth.

Naruto clenched her eyes shut, seemingly distraught. She opened them a second later, determined to fix whatever the hell this was.

She took a deep breath and started a sequence of hand seals for the Shousen Jutsu or mystical palm technique.

She can do this. She perfected her chakra control every night, since two years ago when she concluded that her control was not that good (it was horrible but she didn't acknowledge that). Since she observed the people at the hospital, she wanted the ability to almost heal any wounds and illness. No, she wanted to be able to heal all wounds and illness.

In order to do that, she needed an almost perfect chakra control.

As she scanned her patient (the very first real human patient, as she usually practiced with her dinner; namely fishes) her mind was searching for the answer to regenerate his eyes back. Not transplantation, no. Regenerating it back.

She knew there was no impossible thing ever in this world. But as she healing him she doubted she can make his eyes... regrow somehow.

Then an idea occurred to her when she glanced at her wet but not drenched backpack (it's waterproof) that was filled with her training scrolls.


She can do it. She can do it. She heard somewhere that Tsunade no Sannin can regrow her own severed hand, so why can't she?

As she spent the first hour healing his internal bleeding, broken bones and restarted his heart several times, she thought up the formula to regrow such delicate organ from scratch... no, not from scratch. She can use some of the eye tissue and blood that she was certain behind that empty lids.

I'm seven, she thought while she tried hard not to cry, Why am I doing this? I must be sleeping now instead of doing what the doctors do in the hospital. I'm grateful I have spent the time I can to observe them rather than do the pranks that I knew would be useless in this kind of situation... but oh well. Awesome pranks reserved for the future, I guess.

Her lips twitched as she remembered the particular incident where she accidentally witnessed a giant seal appeared on her stomach whenever she used chakra.

"Who am I kidding? I'm not normal, right?" Naruto asked herself. She sighed and then she stopped abruptly. His heart had stopped beating again.

Naruto pushed his chest again and again with her hands coated in lightning chakra. Finally, after two minutes it started to beat again. It must be the shock the body experience, she concluded. Because there was nothing wrong with the guy aside from the missing eyes and a still broken nose that she still yet attended because a broken skull and spine was more important than a broken nose. On that note, the brain was the most important too.

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