Chapter 4: Fire Shadow 「火影」

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Uchiha Shisui: 14 years old and 11 months (will turn 15 in October 19th)

Uzumaki Naruto: 7 years old (just turned 7 in October 10th)

Uchiha Itachi: 12 years old (June 9th)

Sarutobi Hiruzen: 63 years old (February 8th)

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Chapter 4: Fire Shadow


Naruto stared at Hiruzen intensely as she closed the door behind her.

"What brings you here, Naruto-kun?" Hiruzen asked as he looked up from his paperwork. "You have the academy at 9 to attend to, right?"

"I will be at the academy today, Jiichan. I promise. Well... I know this sounds weird, but hear me out." Naruto took a deep breath and slowly signed 'I have my stalker with me' with the Konoha ANBU sign language that someone taught her just before she came here.

Hiruzen halted his thought process and narrowed his eyes at Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, where do you learn that?" Hiruzen asked, rigidly. Inside he was in shock by the knowledge that Naruto knew ANBU sign language and the meaning of said ANBU sign language that Naruto just did. Hiruzen knew who Naruto stalker was and the fact that he was dead.

Naruto closed her eyes, concentrating. She can feel and 'see' at least four people; the Hokage Guard Platoon, and one that was not either an official ANBU nor the Hokage Guard Platoon judging by the seal in his tongue. She grimaced.

"Can we talk in private, Jii-chan?" Naruto grinned uneasily, as she continued. "I have something cool to show you!"

Naruto's eyes flickered lightly to the roof as she signed 'Uchiha'.

Hiruzen's caught the meaning and with a hand seal, he activated a seal that was meant to make a barrier around the room, making it temporarily safe from prying ears and eyes.

Naruto still can feel the Ne ANBU there, so she made a rat hand seal to activate her own seal to doubled the privacy.

Hiruzen knew about her prowess in Fuuinjutsu, he was the one who introduced it to her after all, but he was impressed at how everything outside of the barrier was black and devoid of chakra. It meant that either outside and inside can feel, see, nor feel chakra at all.

"So, jiichan," Naruto shifted her feet, "you know Uchiha Shisui is... my observer, right?"

Hiruzen nodded, he motioned Naruto to continue when he saw Naruto hesitating.

"Um, you know that I know of the coup d'etat, right? Well, I kinda have a suggestion dattebayo." Naruto took a deep breath. "Why not make one of the Uchiha your successor? A... trustworthy one, that is."

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes, "Naruto-kun, what you're saying is; I need to make one of the Uchiha the Godaime?" Naruto nodded. "That's impossible, Naruto-kun. All the adults in the Uchiha Clan supported my fall, and I can't just give them the 'easy' way to control the village by making one of them the Godaime."

Naruto pouted and said, "Jii-chan, that's why I said 'Uchiha Shisui' earlier."

Hiruzen widened his eyes, "What are you saying, Naruto-kun?" Hiruzen leaned back to his chair with a pained expression etched on his face, the image of his old friend's grandson on the back of his mind. "I have a report from one of the Uchiha Clan that he was... deceased."

"No, he's not. He's alive."

Naruto rummaged her backpack and took out a big scroll. She opened them, bit her thumb and smeared some blood on the scroll did the rat hand-seal.

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