Chapter 2: Darkness 「闇」

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Chapter 2: Darkness

Shisui cursed his stupidity the moment he saw his sharingan entered Danzou's right eye. He wanted to take it back right away, but the pain and shock prevented him from using Shunshin to snatch back his own eyes from Danzou's eye socket.

"Give me the other one."

The moment he heard that he started a chain of hand seals.

Katon: Goukyaku no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Fire Ball Technique) Shisui shouted inside his mind, adrenaline backing him up.

It took four Ne 'root' members to spew Suiton: Mizurappa (Water Release: Water Trumpet) to match the large fireball.

Shisui took no chances as he rapidly using Shunshin to escape.

Without a hand seal.

He finally pulled it off after all his attempts of not to use a hand seal.


Shisui panted as he stopped to rest a bit; low on chakra and in pain. He managed to use Susano'o a few times with only his left eye to knock out his pursuers. Thankfully, the adrenaline loosened the pain in his right eye and he still can think clearly to make a hasty plan that will lead him to his demise, but he felt better knowing that it was either this or making Danzou too powerful. He knew now that Danzou was dangerous, and that he regretted the trust that he gave naturally before. He was too naive. Danzou only cared of the village, and that was actually a problem. A village can't flourish if the citizens are not considered. Apparently, Danzou didn't care the people living inside the village, he only cared about the village's standing.

Shisui felt a chakra signature below the tree that he occupied and it took a lot of control not to start apologizing to death to his distant cousin.

He failed. He failed his cousin, best friend, and a younger brother figure when he let Danzou took his eye. He failed his cute, passionate cousin. He failed his Hokage. He failed the village. He failed the clan. He failed... Naruto.

He didn't want to think about Naruto at all right now.

Shisui shook his head as he called out to Itachi, who was waiting for their daily discussion about the coup and started to lead them both to the Naka River.

"It seems that the coup can't be stopped," Shisui began with his thoughts all scrambled up, his back turned. "If Konoha breaks out in a civil war, other countries will attack. It will be a full-scale war. I was going to use Kotoamatsukami to stop the coup, but Danzou took my right eye," he looked over his shoulder, showing his empty, bleeding right eye, "he doesn't trust me."

Shisui noticed that Itachi's chakra went haywire with surprise and a barely detected anger that even he, an average sensor could feel. But he continued on, regardless of how shitty he was feeling right now.

"Regardless of the method, Danzou wanted to protect the village in his own way. He's probably targeting my left eye too," Shisui steeled his resolve and smiled. "But before that, I will give you my eye."

Shisui didn't even flinch a bit when he took his own eye from his eye socket. He guessed that he got used to the pain. And the feeling of his impending death maybe made him a little numb.

"I can only entrust this to my best friend," he said as he presented his own eye to Itachi. He can't see anything, but he kept smiling but inside he was frustrated at his situation. He felt hopeless that he couldn't see the outcomes if he lived. Danzou was probably in the Sandaime's office, ready to intercept in case he decided to report the event. "Please protect the village and the Uchiha name."

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