Omake 2

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Timeline: After Kakashi's 'Survival Training'

Omake: Blackout

Naruto won't admit it to anyone, ever, that she is a little bit scared of darkness.

Just a little.

The blackout was just after the sun was down but even so, Naruto couldn't handle the darkness and hurriedly walked to open the shuttered curtains. When the moonlight shined upon her two-room apartment, she breathed out with relief.

That was what Shisui had witnessed when he, out of nowhere, appeared in the kitchen. His habit of entering her apartment, apparently, is by using shunshin. A waste of chakra usage, in Naruto's opinion. Not to mention, Shisui was just back from the Hokage Tower, which was near their apartment. For him to waste his energy just to reach home faster... there might be something going on or he was just lazy. Naruto was betting on the latter.

"I didn't know you're scared of the dark." A smile was on the corner of his lips. Naruto found it humiliating and chose to ignore him by laying on the couch and closing her eyes, impatiently waiting for the blackout to end. "Don't worry, the lights will probably turn on in a minute."

Naruto opened her left eye. "How do you know?"

"Oh, that," Shisui muffled a laughter, "Because I was the one who turned the lights off in the first place?"

Naruto stilled for a second. She got up from the couch and calmly walked to switch the lights on.

Of course, the lights turned on in an instant. Naruto turned around and looked at him in distaste.

Shisui was in the kitchen, a grin etched on his face as he gestured to the food spread across the table. A celebration for passing Kakashi's test, it seemed.

"How's it?" They sat down to feast. "It's a prank, in case you can't tell."

"... I can't say how much you've scored," Naruto broke one of the disposable chopsticks, "but that was a good one."

"I thought it was good enough." Shisui frowned, already shoving down one gyoza down his throat. "It feels real, right? You can't turn it on before I revealed it. Not to mention, I used a genjutsu to make the area around here dark."

"Hmph." Naruto eyed the takeaway Ichiraku ramen bowls and grabbed two. "You can never beat me at pranks. That, unfortunately for you, is a fact."

"Bold claim you have there, miss." Shisui knew Mitarashi Anko would give Naruto a run for her money. "One of these days, I'll set a good prank for sure."

"Can't wait." She stole a glance at Shisui and smiled.


Time Line: A few months before Naruto's graduation

Omake: A Day with Tsunade

"... so the seal acted as a..." Tsunade trailed off.

Naruto nodded, eyes focused with intensity. "Yeah. When a patient needs blood and there's only an unknown type of a blood, all we have to do is let a drop of that patient's blood and the seal will make the donor's blood compatible to the patient's blood type."

She took one packet of type RH+ A blood packet and put it on top of the 変化/henge (transform) kanji that was surrounded by a circle of smaller kanji. She took a cup filled with RH- AB type of blood and dropped a droplet of blood on the 血液型/ketsueki-gata (blood type) kanji that was also surrounded by smaller kanji.

Naruto formed a snake hand seal and channeled her chakra to the seal. She didn't utter the name of the seal because she didn't have a name for it. While without uttering the name, the process would slow down, Naruto was used to do jutsu without uttering the name. Saying the name only helped to focus to perform the jutsu, anyway.

They watched as the droplet of blood disappeared. When the sealing formula finished creeping into the blood packet, Tsunade wasted no time to test the transformed blood packet.

"My goodness, this is incredible." She eyed the result. "To think you'd learned fuuinjutsu all by yourself," Tsunade ruffled Naruto's head. "You're just like-" Tsunade paused, seemingly careful to choose a word, "-like Jiraiya."

"Jiraiya?" Naruto wasn't one to remember easily. Even today she would still call Tsunade with 'ba-san'.

Tsunade let out an exasperated sigh. "One of my teammates."

"Oh, the Icha-icha writer?" A look from Tsunade made Naruto nervous. "What is it?"

The tone was casual, but Naruto felt the irritation Tsunade was feeling currently when she inquired, "You read that book?"

"No." Naruto held up her hands, shaking her head a few times for good measure. "I've met with this 'Jiraiya'. That giant old guy introduced himself as a writer of that book I saw once in the bookstore, but it had an 18 only sign on it, so I don't know what's inside."

Tsunade uttered, "Glad to hear that." A pause. "Where did you meet him?"

"A month ago when I went to the hot spring with Izumi-neechan. That guy's chakra is freakishly strong so I asked him to teach me something and he let me..." Naruto scratched her cheeks, almost giving the information that she had signed a toad summoning contract. "Nevermind. So, well, I thought he was the owner of that hot spring because when I went there again last week, he was there."

Tsunade's eyes flashed with something that was just frightening. Naruto was thankful she didn't open her sensor ability. "Thank you, Naruto." Tsunade cleared her throat. "Now, continue on this seal. What is it for?"

Author's Note: Just extras/omake that I suddenly thought of recently.

This story is made when I was sick and my brain decided that I want more of Shisui and Female Naruto together, so at first, I was going to make this a one-shot only. I don't know how it had progressed this far... I mean, I had never written a fic with more than five chapters. This is a miracle for me (lol).

See you!

-Tonegawa Rie

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