Chapter ten

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"Kyubi talking"
'Kyubi thinking'
"Normal speech"
'Normal thinking'
(Authors note)

Kakashi POV-

I put Naru to sleep and start heading to my room. I didn't even get a chance to sit down on my bed, I hear whimpers in Naru's room. I rush over and see the boy shifting in his sleep with a scared face.

I pick him up and place him in my bed, before laying down beside him and I start stroking his back. After ten minutes we are botha fast asleep.

??? POV-

"SSHHHHHH!!!! Stop talking you idiots or I'll blow you up!!!" a blond boy says.

"It's not my fuckin fault, you shit-head!!! And Tobi keep annoying the fuck out of me and I'll sacrifice you to lord Jashin." a white haired man with a scythe says.

"TOBI'S A GOOD BOY!!! Right Deidara-senpai!!??" a man with a lollipop mask named Tobi yells.

"For the love of Kami, SHUT UP!!! We are trying NOT to wake the WHOLE village up!" Deidara snaps.

Naruto POV-

I woke up in Kashi-nii's bed again and I smiled. I really really like sleeping with Kashi-nii, he makes me feel safe.

I stand up and hop off the bed without waking up Kashi-nii. I walk over to the window and I hear yelling, I can't understand them though.

I decide to go outside to see them 'Kwu-chan I'm gwoing to go swee who it is, okway!?' I ask the lazy fox "Yeah *yawn* yeah do whatever you want, just let me sleep." I sweatdrop 'Wazy ass Fwox' I mumble.

Once outside, I look around to try and find the people that were screaming. After a few minutes I finally find them behind a bush. I sneek up behind them.

"Hwello!!!" I say in an excited voice. They jump and turn there heads in my direction, once they see me they gasp and I just wave with a big grin plastered on my face.

"W-w-what are y-you doing h-here, l-little k-kid?" Deidara asks nervously.

"Well... ywou gwuys were making a wot of nwoise, so I decided to come swee!! Ya know!!!" I say all proud of myself. They just stare, finally after a while Tobi decides to speak up "Tobi's name is Tobi, what is your name?" he asks. I smile even more "My nwame is Naruto Uzumaki!!! Believe it!!!" I yell and I continue "What are your nwames?".

I can see the white haired man look at his teammate and say something.

Hidan POV-

I don't believe it this kid isn't afraid of us and I have a giant fucking scythe in my hands.

I turn to Deidara and whisper in his ear "Let's just say are fucking names and leave this shit-hole, okay?!" he nods.

Deidara POV-

After agreeing to Hidan's idea, I begin to think 'Man this kids got guts, we are a group of S-class criminals and he just snook up on us and then asked us are names' I sigh.

"My name is Deidara, the white haired Jashinnist (I have no clue how to write that) is Hidan and you already know the idiotic lollipop over there." I say in a annoyed tone, he nods. "Ok swo your nwames are, Dei-nii, Hi-nii and To-nii!" he says with a smile, Tobi giggles at the nicknames, I just internally growl and I can see that Hidan desperately wants to sacrifice the kid.

"Well, we have to leave now so bye." I add quickly before Hidan can murder the child and we disappear in a poof of smoke.

Naruto POV-

Those guys were weird... but they seemed... kinda nice... I guess. I shrug and start to head back inside.

Kakashi POV-

I woke up and turn to where Naru is supposed to be, but he isn't there. I start to panic. I stand up and rush out of the room, before I have a chance to scream his name I see him walking out of the bathroom.

'Oh thank Kami, this kid will be the death of me' I thought to myself.

Naru spotted me and ran up to give me a hug. "Whwats up Kashi-nii?" he asks me "You scared me to death, Naru. You could have woken me up and told me that you needed to go to the bathroom." I say while squeezing the life out of him.

Naruto POV-

'Shwould I twell him abwout my nwew fwiends' I asks myself "No just keep it a secret for now" Ku-chan answers. I jump 'Woooow!!! Swince when are wou awake?' I ask him, he growls and mumbles something about "No respect" before going back to sleep.

"Sworry Kashi-nii" I say to him, still internally giggling at the fox's attitude. He finally lets go of me and we head back to his room. Once in bed we both fall right asleep.


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