Chapter twenty-one

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Okay so I know I missed a "couple" weeks but I hope you guys understand that I'm trying ma best. Also Kakashi is just 13 in this book in case you all forgot, same thing with the other kids of his generation. Please enjoy the YouTube video up top, to honour the third and final How to train your dragon movie. If you haven't watched it please do, it's really heart warming and sad. Like REALLY sad.
"Kyubi talking"
'Kyubi thinking'
"Normal speech"
'Normal thinking'
(Authors note)

Kakashi POV-

Hiashi finally arrived to pick up Hinata but when I turned to find her she was gone... and so was Naru and Kura. Greeeaat. My mind went through all the possibilities that could've happened to them. Thankfully a cough brought me back to reality, I started sweating.

"Hatake. Where is my daughter?" The Hyuga head asked. I thought fast and used one of my best excuses.

"Oh she probably left with Naru and Kura to get a little sneak peak on the road of life but got lost. Then they might have bumped into an alien and where brought to space, but the aliens didn't like them so they dropped them back down to earth. Sadly, they landed in Suna and have no clue how to get back. Kura probably got a heat stroke and started to wreck havoc there. Shukaku would then have appeared and challenged him to poker. Suddenly a wild chariza-" "HATAKE THATS ENOUGH!" Bellowed Hiashi.

'...oh I'm f*cked.'

Naruto POV-

I looked down and spotted a furious Kura-nii blowing apart trees. I giggled and started to lower myself and Hina-chan.

Kura-nii soon saw us and glared.

"Where the hell were you two. Damn love birds." He grumbled the last part under his breath. With my super duper awesome hearing I still heard it and blushed a storm.

Hina-chan looked at me weirdly, but before she could ask we heard Kashi-nii scream and ran towards him.

Kakashi POV-

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh god. Oh please no. Nononononooooo.


Hiashi POV-

Pathetic. All I did was grab his... book and burn it. It is oh so very sad what he and the Shinobi race have become.

I was cut out of my... pity? By three blurs running quickly towards us. I stand corrected, two fast blurs dragging a purple blob.

It came to a stop and I recognized my daughter in the fray. Not questioning what ever happened, since I trust Kami, I brought her into my arms said farewell and left.

Sorry guys I know that isn't much but I'm trying my best.

- Ninjacig

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