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The little Uzumaki by ninjacig
The little Uzumakiby Kuroe-chan!
Ever since the incident on October 10th when Lord Fourth and Lady Kushina died to protect the village by putting the Nine Tails in there only son, Naruto Uzumaki was the...
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Male Reader x Dragon Ball Harem (DB, DBZ, DBS) by petem901
Male Reader x Dragon Ball Harem ( pete mathew
Okay, I've been on this site for about a month. And most of the stories make me cringe. Idc about bad grammar and shit. Just most of the stories are for virgins... Like...
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The Slime Of DxD  {Male Reader} by Sparetime101
The Slime Of DxD {Male Reader}by Sparetime101
(Y/N) is a normal boy attending Kuoh Academy, Apart from the fact he's a slime. *sigh* Join (Y/N), or yourself really, on the adventure of a slifetime. Making friends a...
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The Kitsune Lord by IrisEvergreen
The Kitsune Lordby IrisEvergreen
Thousand years ago Naruto became Jubi. He had Kurama as a companion all along but unlimited power didn't really do anything about the boredom. So both of them thought of...
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The son of Kakashi by D4RK5ID3R
The son of Kakashiby Shyne
Y/n Minatsuki, Heir to the Minatsuki clan, Finds out that his father is the famous ninja of one-thousand Justus, Kakashi. While learning this, join y/n on his journey, W...
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Multiversos bnha by ShippeosLocos1212
Multiversos bnhaby ShippeosLocos1212
ok, ok, ok....Ya se que esto está muy usado y eso, es solo que de estas historias solo he visto harem, asi que quise hacerlo diferente. Si quieres saber mas, entra a mi...
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A reborn Deku - My Hero Academia & Venom Crossover by Batjumpie
A reborn Deku - My Hero SithObito
My Hero Academia & Venom Crossover
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My Carnage Academia by Batjumpie
My Carnage Academiaby SithObito
After dissapearing for 2 years, Izuku Midoriya is finally found again during a raid on a villain safehouse. But he's not the same kid that his sister knew when he dissap...
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𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖔 by Batjumpie
𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖔by SithObito
Izuku Midoriya was born with a strange and powerfull Quirk, which made his life change completely. Suffering inside but showing no emotion, still wanting to prove the w...
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Puppet: Male reader x various soul eater characters story by pkwriterRed5
Puppet: Male reader x various Red Kakaskai
A puppet... That's all you ever were to her. And that's all you will ever be. Even when you think that you're finally free from her strings, even when death embraces you...
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one-shots by D4RK5ID3R
one-shotsby Shyne
I got bored so I'm making one-shots I mainly only know naruto, akame ga kill , dragon ball super, kill la kill, high school dxd, so please try to keep it in that group r...
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Unholy Son (Rwby X Male Reader) by D4RK5ID3R
Unholy Son (Rwby X Male Reader)by Shyne
I was going to name this "Holy Sin" but my phone corrected it to "Holy Son" but since I don't like to be good (For some reason) I named it (Unholy So...
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izuku el soldado del invierno by lokiyagami
izuku el soldado del inviernoby loki
para salvar a su hermana izuku se sacrifica tiempo despues despues regresa como un agente de S.H.I.E.L.D a su hogar para impartir justicia
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MHA shipped with Izuku by HollowLegend
MHA shipped with Izukuby The Archetype
This is a collection of Izuku x Female Character one shots that you all request or I come up with. I would prefer that there is No Yaoi mainly because I have zero experi...
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El debil invencible by THE-Venom
El debil invencibleby Shadow the hedgehog
Bueno aqui veremos la historia de un chico peli verde pero bueno alv no se que escribir asi que vamos a la historia 1 deku sera mas fuerte que nada 2 deku sera mas frio...
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iren cuenta su vida y por lo que tiene que pasar al ser reencarnado en un mundo diferente, donde tiene que aprender de este nuevo mundo, futurista.
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(trollfic)Alice the disgusting fujoshi by Takeimika
(trollfic)Alice the disgusting Takemikazuchi and Tohkaku
once upon a time there's a nerd ass girl named Alice and everyone hates her why? BECAUSE SHE'S A FUCKING FUJOSHI,AND A MARY SUE inspired by @LunarUsagii and @renachan21
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By The Way, Can you survive EddsWorld?  by Katsu18-20Chan
By The Way, Can you survive Katsume Dimai
Okay Just a crossover of Danplan and EddsWorld =) Since i didn't see any crossover of these two amazing fandoms. there is no SHIP in this story- sorry readers. BUT! Ther...
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Father And Son~Completed✔ by Katinhat
Father And Son~Completed✔by Dj Cat
It's parents day but Yami remembered he had no son. Not until Asta went of out his way to buy gifts.
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izuku el demonio de la arena by izuku-bnha-
izuku el demonio de la arenaby deku-kun
izuku(4 años) estaba llorando porque parece que no tiene quirk despues caminando encontraria un cofre en el bosque con un sello que al tocarlo el sello se colocaria en s...
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