Chapter eight

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"Kyubi talking"
'Kyubi thinking'
"Normal speech"
'Normal thinking'
(Authors note)

Kakashi POV-

Me, Naru and... Kurama are now walking down the streets of Konoha, to Ichiraku's. Naru and Kurama 'actually I'll just call him Kura now', So Naru and Kura were both holding one of my hands.

I sigh because I am now looking after two kids 'This is NOT what I signed up for'.

After walking for a while we arrived at Ichiraku ramen, Naru ran in while Kura followed. I was just at the "door" when I here the owner and his daughter scream "NARUTO!!!" "WE MISSED YOU!!!" I sweatdrop at there reaction.

Ayame is squeezing the life out of Naru while Teuchi is already making miso ramen. I cough "Hmm... hi my name is Kakashi Hatake. I'm Naru's... caretaker." I said awkwardly, since I didn't want to hurt Naru's feelings and I didn't want to say something embarrassing like "big brother". My face flushes a deep red as I say "Brother".

"Oh! Well I'm sure you're doing a great job." said Teuchi as he gave Naru his fifth bowl... 'wait... fifth bowl???!!! When did Naru even get his first bowl' I ask myself in disbelief. Kura just smiles and asks for a bowl of ramen too, while I just sit there still pondering on how the hell did Naru get to five bowls.

Naruto POV-

As I finished my magical fifth bowl of ramen, I turn to Kashi-nii to see him still in thought. I giggle to myself and give my attention to Ku-chan.

"Hwey Kwu-chan?" I ask.

"Mmm?" says Ku-chan in the middle of his ramen.

"... never mwind" I reply.

~magical time skip for the the magical ramen~

We were walking back home when Kashi-nii suddenly stoped in his tracks.

"Whwats up Kwashi-nii?" I ask concerned for my big brother-figure. He turns to me with a grin and says "We are going to go visit a old-ish friend, okay!" I turn to Ku-chan and he shrugs.

Kakashi POV-

As we were walking back to the Uzukaze estate I realized that it was late enough in the morning and that we should give mister grumpy-Uchiha a little scare.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a little voice "Whwats up Kwashi-nii?". I turn to Naru and Kura, I give them a big grin and say "We are going to go visit a old-ish friend, okay!".

I can see the confusion on his face as his turns to Kura for help, but that lazy ass fox/kid just shrugs.

I take this chance, I grab the small blond and red head and start to jump from rooftop to rooftop, until I finally reach the Uchiha compound.

Itachi POV-    (HA bet you weren't expecting that)

I was watching my little brother Sasuke as he played with his dinosaur outside in the grass. I was calmly sitting on the floor, until I saw a blond kid the exact same age as Sasuke, run up to him and ask him what he's doing.

Back to Kakashi's POV-

I told Naru to run up to Sasuke and talk to him. He nods his tiny head and runs off, for a moment I was surprised that the Kyubi was actually okay with doing this until I realized that he either did it for Naruto or... he new it was a prank. I sweatdrop at the second possibility.

'I just hope this goes as planed' I say to myself with a large grin.


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