Chapter one

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(Hey guys, it's author-chan!!! This is my first book on Wattpad so it might be cheesy or weird. Though I still hope you like it!!!)

"Kyubi talking"
'Kyubi thinking'
"Normal speech"
'Normal thinking'
(Authors note)

Naruto POV-

Hi... Naruto Uzumaki!!! I'm... THREE!!! I'm in jiji's office right now. There's this frog mask guy chasing me!!! ITS REALLY FUN!!! He keeps on missing and yelling weird words but every time he does jiji would glare at him, I don't know why though.

After a couple hours he gave up and left. I was kinda sad but I knew that another mask guy would come to try and catch me sooner or later... *waits impatiently* 25 minuted later *no one comes* great now I'm bored!!! Jiji is busy with a bunch of paper 'I did know that a bunch of paper was more important then me?!' I thought a little angrily, he doesn't seem happy though. 'Anyways since he's distracted maybe I can look around the village.' I thought excitedly because I have never been aloud out of the Hokage building.

Author POV-

Naruto then snuck out of the Hokage building and began exploring the leaf village he started with the training grounds then the restaurants.

It was now late and Naruto already visited 3/4 of the village. If your thinking how he did it in such short time think about this instead, sure this kid is just three years old but he's been dodging freakin ANBU for a year now, sooo yeah.

Naruto stops infront of Ichiraku and right on cue his stomach growls. Teuchi notices Naruto and tell him to come in for a bite.

Naruto POV-

My belly growled, I was really hungry I stoped infront of Ichiraku. 'Oh boy i could kill for some ramen right now' I thought then out of nowhere the owner of the restaurant told me to come in and have a bite. "ITS DELICIOUS!!!" I yelled, Ayama and Teuchi laughed "I'm glade you like it. Though we haven't seen you around are you new to the village kid?" Teuchi asked.

I thought for a moment before giving them a big grin "I'm not new here I just wasn't allowed to leave Jiji's building!" I said there expressions changed and now they looked very interested. "And who's your old man?" Ayama ask intrigued "The Third... something" I said 'damn it I forgot what it was' I thought, apparently Teuchi and Ayama new what it was and they looked VERY surprised "You mean the Third Hokage!?" They said simultaneously. "Yeah that's it's Hokage!!! Dattebayo!!!" I yelled a little, then I remembered I was supposed to go back by now.

They asked me my name and I said before leaving "Naruto Uzumaki, Believe it!!! And thank you for the delicious meal." then I ran off.

I turned once then twice and... I'm lost. It was my first time here so I didn't expect to get home flawlessly. I saw a man and I asked him for directions, when he turned around he gasped and yelled "ITS THE DEMON!!!" at the top of his lungs, almost instantly I was surrounded. "What demon?" I asked he smirked and push me to the ground. I could have defended myself but I remembered something Jiji once said 'Do not beat up the villagers or it will only get worse.' at first I didn't understand what he meant but now I do.

So I just curled up in a ball crying waiting for this to be over. They kept beating me, cutting me and saying things like "Let's finish what the fourth started!" and other things like "Kill the demon!!!" I still don't get it 'What demon?!' I kept asking myself. Suddenly I felt cold metal against my skin I screamed in pain and continued crying 'It hurts it really hurts!!!' I yelled to myself.

Then suddenly if it stoped my vision was blurry but I knew the villagers were gone. There was someone else there though I couldn't pay attention I then blacked out.

I waked up somewhere I didn't know, it was...


I wonder who saved him? And where is little Naruto now???

-Find out in chapter two-

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