Chapter eleven

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"Kyubi talking"
'Kyubi thinking'
"Normal speech"
'Normal thinking'
(Authors note)

Third POV-

It's been a week since Kakashi has started taking care of Naruto and living in the Uzukaze estate. Things have gone smoothly so far Naruto's beatings have toned down by a whole lot, of course Kakashi's glares and threats are pretty much the only reason why it has.

Naruto visits the Uchiha compound daily to play with his new and first friend Sasuke. Kakashi took this opportunity to train and spare with Itachi.

Kakashi POV-

I was sparing with Itachi like we normally do, when I heard an unsettling explosion coming from where the boys were playing. I look over to Itachi and can see panic making its way onto his face.

We rush off at the speed of high Jonin, to the spot where we assumed the explosion came from.

Naruto POV-

Me and Sasuke were playing ninja. He had stole some of Ita-nii's kunais while I stole some shurikens from Kashi-nii. Since we don't know many jutsu's, it wasn't a very dangerous spare. The jutsu's we did know however, we learned by observing other ninja.

"SWADOW CLONE WUTSU" I yell as two solide-ish copies of me appeared.

"FIREBWALL JUTSWU" he yells as a good sized ball of fire appears in front of him.

As my shadow clones each pulled out a kunai and charged towards Sasuke. His fireball made its way towards us. I jumped and dodged the fireball while my clones got hit and dispersed. His fireball then hit a tree with disintegrated it and made a huge explosion. I snuck behind Sasuke and pointed a kunai to his neck.

"I win!!!" I cheer as Sasuke sits down to catch his breath while pouting. "Nwo *gasp* fair" he said, I giggled but my celebration was cut short when we heard Kashi-nii and Ita-nii.

"Are you boys okay?!"

"What happened?! What was the explosion?!"

After they were done bombarding us with questions, I raised my voice "Kashi-nii, Ita-nii we're fwine. We were jwust twaining!". They look at me and say "TRAINING???!!!!" Sasuke who was still on the floor finally got his breath back spoke up "Wup!!!" he said with a grin.

Kashi-nii and Ita-nii just sighed and shook their heads "Okay that doesn't matter. At least you're both fine." Kashi-nii said with his signature close eyed smile. We nodded are heads and said goodbye.

Kakashi POV-

I almost had a heart-attack when I heard the explosion, I can't believe these two little three year olds made it. 'Sigh, they never cease to amaze (and scare) me.'

I said goodbye to Itachi and took Naru home "Did you have fun during your "training"" I ask Naru. He looks up with the cutest and largest smile and says "Ywup it was aweswome!!!".

We pass by Ichiraku and I hear Naru's tummy growl, I pick up a surprised blonde and carry him over to the ramen stand. Once we get seated Teuchi comes to us immediately "Hey Naruto! Would you like the usual?" Naru have a quick nod and then turned to me.

"What awe you gonna hwave Kashi-nii?" he asks, I ponder for a moment and say "A bowl of pork, please." Teuchi nods and heads into the kitchen.

Ten minutes later, our food arrives. Naruto had five bowls of miso and I had a bowl of pork. When we were done Ayame squeezed Naruto and said he could come back anytime. Naru being Naru grinned and said "Of cwourse!!!".

We continued are way home and went straight to bed 'My bed though' I chuckle. Naru still hasn't gotten used to sleeping alone, luckily I have gotten a little more comfortable with human interaction.

Itachi POV-

"So otouto, did you have fun with Naruto today?" I ask him. I'm trying to get more into what happened during their "training". Sasuke looks up at me and says "Yeah! We had wots of fwun." I sigh, maybe I was overreacting and they didn't have anything to do about the explosion.

That still doesn't explain the massive destruction we found once we arrived, but I won't push it.

"Come on otouto, lets go get you a snack and then go to bed. Okay?" he nods and grabs my hand. I lead him to the kitchen and he runs to the cabinets and... 'sigh... of course he grabs a tomato' I tell myself while shaking my head.

After Sasuke gobbled down.. THREE tomatoes, I brought him to his bed and he instantly fell asleep.

"You must have been really tired?" I whisper.


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