Chapter fifteen

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"Kyubi talking"
'Kyubi thinking'
"Normal speech"
'Normal thinking'
(Authors note)

Tobi/Obito POV-

I'm still in shock, so I move my hand and shoo away the other Akatsuki. I raise my weak and broken voice "Y-you're S-sensei's son?" I ask him my tone wavering. He tilts his head in an adorable manner and said "Mwy daddy was wour sensei?!" he ended excitedly, I swallow and nod.

Naruto suddenly jumps up and tackles me, while scaring the shit out of me. He then grabs my hand and says "Come." I was hesitant but... he's too cute.

Naruto POV-

'He was my daddy's student too, I have to introduce him to Kashi-nii! They may know each other, maybe he can live with us.' I thought.

After a little running we reach the end of the forest. I look around and I spot Kashi-nii a couple houses in front of us, talking with the green man. I take a deep breath and I RUN faster then ever before.


"Nwot the twime Ku-chan."






"You passed him a while ago..."


Kakashi POV-

I was... scratch that Guy was talking to me about something youthful? I think? When I felt something yellowy-orange ZOOM past us.

'...was that Naru???'

I ignore Gai and walk a little faster towards the yellow "flash" jr. Once I see him, I realize he's dragging someone. I try to get closer but the figure spotted me and started sweating tremendously.

Naru then comes to an abrupt stop. His eye starts twitching, he turns around and starts running. I move out of the way but he followed me.

...This continues for a good haft hour, until the stranger yells "FOR KAMIS SAKE STOP!!!". Naru and I come to a halt "Oh... I forgot about ywou Tobi-nii.".

Third POV-

The man now known as Tobi stands up and dusts his cloak. Kakashi stares wide eyes as he mutters in disbelief "Akatsuki..." (Only lord third, Jiraiya and some Jonin including Kakashi know about the Akatsuki).

Naruto tugs on Kakashi's pants and says "Tobi knew mwy daddwy!" Kakashi is now even more suspicious "He swaid he was awlso daddy's studwent!!!" Kakashi went from suspicion to grief.

Kakashi POV-

"Naru... there are no living members of my dads team other then me." I said solemnly. He had little tears in his eyes "B-but he... I bewieve him." he stated pouting.

Naru then walked over to an unexpecting lollipop and leaned in to take off his mask. But before he did so he looked up to me and said "Pwease shunshin us hwome.".

I did as he asked and brought all three of us to the Namikaze estate. Naru then proceeded to take of Tobi's mask.

Tobi/Obito POV-

I felt real bad when Bakashi states that he was the only one of team Minato alive. He looked really sad and heartbroken. Bakashi then shunshinned the three of us "home".

Where ever that is.

I open my eyes and they fill with tears under my mask 't-this is the Namikaze e-estate'. I then spot a hand moving towards my mask. The only thing going through my mind is.


My breath tightens as mini-sensei takes off my mask.

Kakashi POV-

I stare at the figure that was now revealed. My mind was racing.

'N-no w-way, he d-died. H-he can't b-be here...'

Before I knew it I started sobbing and fell onto my knees. I manage to chock out "Obito" before my sobs took over again.

I saw Naru start panicking and soon enough he was crying too. "Kashi-nii *sob* w-why are *sniffle* crying." he said as he ran into my arms. I didn't know what to say, I felt bad for making Naru worry and cry but I also felt happy that he did worry about me.

Obito POV-

As soon as Kakashi fell to the ground crying, I felt bricks fall on my head. When I realized.

'I made him cry... he cared about me... and I faked my death.'

I started tearing up. I saw Naruto starting to cry too and it made my heart warm up, when I deduced that Kakashi has more people that care about him, then before.

And I smiled at that. Maybe I should stay...

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