Chapter sixteen

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Hey guys!!! Hope you enjoy this chappy. I work really hard and put a lot of effort in these things.

"Kyubi talking"
'Kyubi thinking'
"Normal speech"
'Normal thinking'
(Authors note)

Kakashi POV-

I finally calmed down, I looked up to Obito. There he was alive and well after all this time and he was with the Akatsuki. Wait! The Akatsuki are S-rank rogue Shinobi what is he doing with them.

I wipe my eyes and voice my question "Obito? *sniffle* What are you doing with the Akatsuki?" said man lifts his head up and I could see he was crying. I mentally chukkle 'Still a little bit a cry-baby are ya' Obito responds.

"I was *snif* recruited by... *mumble*"

"By who?" I repeat, he sighs "By Madara Uchiha." I felt like time froze. Wasn't Madara dead? Why did he want Obito? Where is he now? What are hi-

"Kashi-nii." The cry made me snap out of my thoughts. I look down and spot Naru leaning against me rubbing his eyes.

I chukkle "Okay Naru, come on let's get you to bed." the blond nods his head and starts to suck his thumb. I hear a snort coming form behind me, I turn around to see Obito hand over his mouth trying not to laugh "What *snort* happened to you?" he asked. I shrug "You all died." and then there was silence.

Obito POV-

I can't believe how much Kakashi has changed. He used to be socially awkward, he avoided every thing that breathes to keep a good reputation and now he reads porn in public, arrives 3 hours late to anything that doesn't involve Naruto and he's taking care of a kid!

I watched Bakashi walk away with a sleeping Naruto in his arms. I have to admit the kid is cute. After a couple minutes I got bored...

I started walking in the direction they left in and found a room that still had there door open. I peeked in and I don't regret it, inside Kakashi and Naruto were peacefully sleeping side by side. I 'Aww'ed and turned around to leave until I heard a voice.

"Obi-nii ywou cwan stay in thwe next rwoom, okway!" Said voice sounded sleepy, I realized it was Naruto that woke up just to say this. I smiled and found another room to then fall asleep.

~Time skip; Next morning~

Kakashi POV-

I woke up to two little weights on my chest. I popped open my one eye and spot the 'problem's. There, on my chest, were a sleeping Naru and Kura. I couldn't make myself wake them so I just laid there, until I felt one of them shift.

"Kashi-nii? Why dwoes it swell like fwood?" Asked Naru, Kura then chose this moment to wake up and yell "IM HUNGRY! YOU CAT! FEED ME! I AM GOD!" and then fell back asleep. I sweatdroped is this really the oh-so-mighty Kyuubi?

I shake off the thought and push Kura off me and onto the bed. Me and Naru start heading for the kitchen and guess what we found.

"Obi-nii!!! Ywou makwing food?!" Yelled a little surprised blonde, nod my head to say I was also wondering that. Said man turns around and grins "Yup! It's the least I could do for worrying Bakashi over there for so long. And..." he started shifting uncomfortably " it okay if I stayandlivewithyouguys?" he finished probably as fast as he could.

'I didn't understand squat' I was about to ask again when Naru rose up and tackled Obito yelling "YWES!!!" over and over again.

Let's just say I was confuzzled...
Hey how was that guys? I really hope you liked it and are okay with the thought of having Obito live with the trio.

See you next time.

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