Chapter nine

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"Kyubi talking"
'Kyubi thinking'
"Normal speech"
'Normal thinking'
(Authors note)

Itachi POV-

As I watched my little brother play with... 'wait I still have no clue who's child this is!!!' I say to myself as I start to panic.

I am freaking out, I have a strangers child in my backyard, I freeze 'Wait does this mean I'm a kidnapper' as soon as this thought come to my mind I panic even more then I was before (If that is even possible).

Kakashi POV-

I am dying!!! Itachi's reaction is priceless, he just running in cercles around Sasuke and Naru flailing his arms everywhere with a very panicked expression on his face.

After I calm down I take a look over to the two toddlers and I'm surprised at what I see. Naru is on his stomach laughing his ass off and Sasuke is just starting at him as if he had two heads.

I decide it's finally time to intervene, so I hop off the branch I was on and head towards Itachi.

Naruto POV-

I *breathes* don't know *breathes* why I am *breathes* laughing. I keep *breathes* on asking *breathes* Ku-chan but he's laughing *breathes* harder than I am.

Itachi POV-

I still haven't calmed down but I spot Kakashi coming my way and decide to try my best to hide my panic.

"Yo" he says with such casualty.

"What do you want" I say a little harshly, but come on I HAVE A STRANGERS KID FOR GODS SAKE. I turn my attention back to Kakashi.

"Have you seen Naru?" he says, I can see he's trying to hold in a giggle. "Who's Naru?" I ask back. This time he trying so hard not to laugh he looks in pain, it is quite obvious. "Naru's my kid brother" he says once again with such casualty.

But the it hits me "I-is this h-him" I say pointing to the blond beside Sasuke, the blond was also trying not to laugh but he failed hours ago.

Kakashi turns his head and nods "Yup that's him, thank Itachi". I was beyond furious, I spent ALL this time freaking out over Kakashi's kid bro... "WAIT KAKASHI YOU DONT HAVE A BROTHER!!!" hthe minute I yell this and turn around his already gone. I was fuming I decide to yell one more time as loud as I can.

Third POV-        (somewhere on the other side of Konoha)


"Mommy what was that" a kid asks his mom.

"It's just Kakashi-san getting in trouble again, don't mind it" the mother replies.

~time skip sponsored by Mister Pedo-snake~

Kakashi POV-

We made it back home alive, but I have to admit that was so much fun. Actually that was the most fun I've had since...

"Kashi-nii whwat was swo fwunny?" I hear Naru ask. I giggle and sit down on the side of his bed "I'll tell you later" I reply with a smile, Naru pouts and I ruffle his hair.

It's time for bed and I just realized that we only ate breakfast. I sweatdrop "Hey Naru, are you hungry?" he looks at me with a confused face "Nwo why?" I decide not to push the subject.

"Never mind, goodnight" I say to him and kiss him on the head 'Wait what am doing' I shrug internally and dismiss the thought as I tuck him in.

Naruto POV-

Kashi-nii kissed me on my forehead and tucked me in. I feel all warm inside but I put the feeling aside. "Gwoodnight Kashi *insert adorable yawn*-nii".

Before he leaving I can see his face turn bright red, almost as red as my mother's hair and that's saying something. My eyelids become heavy before I have a chance to giggle and I drift off to sleep.


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