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Adeline was so happy. Not only was able to perform a solo surgery today, but she also found out that after trying for 1 year she was finally pregnant. She was literally skipping around their living room, anxiously waiting for her husband to come home. She sent their helpers back home so it can just be the 2 of them to talk. 

She stopped skipping around when she heard the sound of a car door slam close. She had a huge smile on her face when she saw how their front door opened. But her smile quickly faded when she saw her husband walk into their house. With another woman latched onto his arm. Her arms fell limp, and she stared in shock as her husband walked right past her and into their bedroom. 

"Theo?" She whispered, following him upstairs. When she walked into their room she froze at the door. He was packing his things. Or at least some of his things. 

"Theo? What's going on?" She asked aloud, hoping to get an answer from him.

But he refused to look at her. He refused to answer her, and he continued to pack. 

"Please. Tell me what's going on." Adeline begged, stepping closer to Theo. And just before she placed a hand on his shoulder, he zipped up his bag and shoved her aside.

He stormed downstairs and walked towards the woman who had a smirk on her face. Adeline ran after him, tears starting to flow down her face.

"Please don't leave Theo." She begged as he saw him pass a bag to the other woman.

"Theo. I'm pregnant." She announced aloud.

She saw how he froze, his back still towards her. 

"Please don't leave me." She whispered.

Then he turned around, and she smiled. Maybe he changed his mind. But instead, he reached into one of his bags and pulled out a manila folder. They were divorce papers.

"I'm Done." He announced, and walked away from Adeline.

He grabbed the other woman's hand, and they walked away from her. Adeline followed after them, and she was sobbing her heart out as he opened the door for her to his car. And then he drove away. Leaving her alone. 

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