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Dr. Emersyn VanderWoodson^^^

Adeline stormed out of the room and ran right into Emersyn.

"Hey Fox!"She said with a bright smile.

When she noticed how Adeline didn't respond, and instead walked right by her she knew something was wrong. She chased her friend as Adeline walked towards the open clinic. Ready to take an consults.

Emersyn quickly grabbed her arm, and pulled her into a supply closet.

"Fox, what happened?" 

"Nothing.I just.. I just haven't had my coffee yet. Just tired and cranky."

"Sure it is. Even though I saw you chug down 3 cups of coffee in the break room. So, spill Fox. What happened. It's better you take out your negativity  on me rather than your patients." 

Adeline crossed her arms and looked at her best friend. 

"Theo talked to me."

"Oh... And?"

"And he claims he still loves me. He would give anything for me."

"Wow.. how cliche."

"And get this. When I asked him to dump Serena he said no. And said his company was more important."

"Right after he told you that he would give anything for you?"

"Pretty much."

Emersyn looked shocked. Then furious.

"Please tell me you told that S.O.B that he can go rot in hell."

"No.. But I pretty much told him that there is no chance between him and I. That he should just give up and move on."

Emersyn nodded her head, approving of Adeline's choices. Then something hit her.

"Did you tell him about-"

"No. No.. After what just happened between us. I don't think he deserves to. He never even mentioned it."

"Adeline.. I may hate the man as much as you. But.. Keeping something like this from him is just. It's wrong. And you know it's wrong."

"How the heck do I tell my ex-husband that-" But she couldn't finish that sentence when her  pager rang. 

A consult for the clinic. 

"We will talk about this later. After the consult.." Emersyn said.

Adeline walked into the clinic and walked up to the nurses station to see where she had to go.

"I'm sorry Doctor. But she won't let anyone touch her but the chief. She only wants the best. She was screaming and so demanding. And trust me I would send in an intern as your replicas, but she said she met you Dr.Fox Already. So she is expecting you. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience."

"Don't apologize. I get it. At least it is a slow day so I can do this." Adeline said, and she walked to one of the private examination rooms. 

When she  opened the doors Adeline was appalled at who she saw.

"What the hell took you 2 so long? As a patient having to wait 30 minutes. It's ridiculous." Serena snapped sitting up from the examination bed.

"Serena.." Adeline hissed.

"Hello Dr.Fox. I have a few questions for you." She said with a mocking smile.

"Really? What can I help you with?" Adeline asked, crossing her arms.

"I need you to do an ultrasound."

"And why would we do an ultrasound?" 

Serena had a smile on her face as she wrapped her hands on her flat stomach.

"Because I'm pregnant." 

Adeline froze. She was so tempted to ask who the father was. But wasn't it obvious? It was Theo's. 

"Right. Please lay down, I'll get you an ultrasound." Adeline instructed, dragging the machine towards her.

Serena listened to her, and lifted up her shirt to expose her stomach.

"Alright, here's the gel." She warned, pouring some of the blue gew on Serena's stomach.

"Let's find the little peanut." Adeline whispered, hovering the wand around.

After a few minutes, Adeline perked up.

"Aha! Found it." She anounced, but before she could turn the screen for Serena to see the door to the room opened. And a man walked in. 

"Um... Who are you?" Adeline asked, annoyed at the stranger barging in.

She was shocked when she saw the man walk up to Serena and kissed her, and then Serena answered with a bright smile. Leaving Adeline speechless.

"He's the father of the baby." 


A/N: I know. I know. Pretty bad... See this as a filler ch. Lol. Having serious writers block. Hopefully I'll have something up by Sunday(: 

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