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Adeline walked down the hallway and stopped at a conference room where The Straton family and what looked like a lawyer sat at the round table. She knocked on the door, and the door opened. She looked up and saw that it was Mr.Straton himself.

"Is Miss Serena Blake here?" She asked, with a calm tone.

"She's having a check up.Who are you?" Asked the man in the suit.

"Well..I'm.. The doctor who punched her in the face." Adeline announced, she then cringed at her own words. She swore those words sounded better in her head.

"You got guts to walk up here." He announced, now standing up. 

"And why is that?" Adeline snapped at him, crossing her arms.

"Because we're suing you and this hospital. That's why."

Just as Adeline was about to snap back, she stopped herself. She wasn't going to let her sassy/sarcastic attitude get in the way of this serious situation. She needed to fix this.

"Okay. I get it. Sue my ass. That's fine. But please not this hospital. If things go south, hundreds of people could loose their job. Don't punish them for my actions. I alone should be the one to pay for my actions."

The lawyer shook his head no.

"Sorry Doctor. I work for the Blake family. And as they stated beforehand. They are taking legal action against both you and this hospital."

Then, Serena and Theo walked in. Serena held an ice pack to her face. The minute she saw Adeline her face went sour.

"What could you possibly want now? Here to punch me even more?"

"No.." Adeline replied, and sighed. She stuffed her hands in her white coat

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