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The 2 were walking back into the hospital after their visit. Just as they walked through the doors, Adeline saw someone walking towards them and she immediately shoved Theo away.
At first he was confused, but when he saw who it was he immediately walked the opposite direction.

Adeline acted as if nothing happened, and mentally prepped herself for the confrontation.

"Well, look who it is. Dr.Adeline Fox." Serena hissed.

"Good afternoon." Adeline replied, knowing every word she says Serena would try to use it against her in court.

"Our Court date is next week. The representative for the judge is coming by today to go over basic things. Try not to be late." She said, and walked by her but of course she had to purposely bump into Adeline's shoulder while doing so.

"Well, I'm looking forward to that." Adeline muttered with sarcasm.

"Trust me, I am too." Serena replied back.

Adeline looked at her in confusion,

"You'll see." Serena whispered to her as she walked away.

Adeline took a deep breath. She was not going to let Serena destroy her day. Just seeing her can ruin her day, and after what she said left her a little confused. Then, all of a sudden her pager was going crazy. When she looked down her heart sank at the sight of 9-1-1 on the screen. She knew exactly who it was for. Katerina.
"What happened?" Adeline asked, breathless.

But she froze at what she saw.

"Well, hey there Addy." Katerina said with a smile, she was sitting up on her bed and Emersyn was checking her vitals.

"No freaking way.." she muttered, and ran to her friend. She embraced Katerina in a tight hug, relieved that she was alright. And also, the possibility of saving her baby with surgery was now an option again.

"So, what did I miss?" Katerina asked, crossing her arms ready to hear the drama she missed.

"Actually Kat," Adeline started as she took a seat next to her bed.
"We have much to talk about."
"What the hell. Why are we still waiting around? Save my baby!" Katerina said, looking shocked at the choice her husband decided on. 

"Your husband believes I am not fit to do so, but you are allowed to change surgeons. Zander and Emersyn are more than qualified to do so and-"
"No! You're doing the surgery. I trust you. You are the most qualified. Adeline, I want you to do the surgery. I need you to save my baby."

"Kat, you know I would. But your husband and your mother are against the idea. I'm not comfortable doing this surgery without asking for the father's opinion."

"Bring them in. I'll make them change their mind. My mother has no say in this. I carried this baby for months, cared for it, sacrificed so much for it. And my husband. He'll change his mind. I swear."

Adeline nodded her head, and just on time Max walked in.
"Max, we need to talk." Katerina announced, determination in her voice.
Everyone was waiting outside their room. Anxiously waiting for their decision. Adeline was tapping her fingers together as she paced back and forth in the hallway.
She needed this surgery. So she can prove to everyone how good she is at her job. To prove to them that they did not make a mistake in choosing her as their surgeon.

Soon enough the door opened and out came Max. He walked up to Adeline,

"Do the surgery. But please. I'm begging you, don't mess this up."

She carefully walked into the NICU and saw their little baby resting. She then gently lifted it up and onto a bed to transport. As she pushed the baby, Kat and Max were waiting outside the operating theater. She stopped, and let the couple have a moment.

Kat smiled as tears ran down her face as she saw her baby with wires, looking tired. Yet it was still chubby as ever. She leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on their forehead.

"Momma will be right here waiting for you. And i can't wait to see you again. I love you so much." She whispered to her baby.

Max then nodded towards Adeline who pushed the baby into the operating room.

"All right little one." Adeline said to the sleeping bundle,

"Let's do this."
The Straton family was eagerly waiting in Katerina's room. While Serena was too busy typing away on her phone. They were Waiting to see if the baby lived or died at the hands of Adeline Fox.
Then, there was a knock on the door and she walked in. Her face was still covered by her mask, and when she removed the mask there was a bright smile on her face.

"The surgery was a success. Your baby is now tumor free."

She noticed how Serena had a scowl on her face.

"Oh don't look too surprised Serena. I'm the chief of pediatrics for a reason." And left the room.

Emersyn and Zander were waiting outside the room and the 3 hugged one another. Glad they were able to save such a young life. As they were celebrating their success they all received a page.

"Uh oh. Big boss is calling the 3 of us." Zander joked around.

They were all confused as to why all 3 needed to be called.  

"Did any of you do something illegal in this hospital?" Emersyn asked.

They all shook their head.

"Did any of you kill a really important patient?" Zander asked.

Once again, they all said no.

"Did any of you do anything bad that caught HR's attention?" Adeline asked.

No, once again.

The 3 finally got to his door. Seeing that they had no idea why they were all being called in Adeline sighed. 

"We're so screwed." And opened the door.
There Chief Dan was sitting with an old man in a suit and tie.

"Everyone. This is Mr.Gold. he was sent to us by judge Hathaway to review some important details about what will happen in court."

They nodded their heads and took a seat. They noticed how Mr.Gold has yet to start talking.

"Are we waiting on someone?" Emersyn asked.

Mr.Gold ignored her and continued to look down at his phone. Baffled at his rude attitude the 4 doctors just stayed quiet. Adeline reached for a water bottle at the center of the table and just as she was about to drink it, the door opened and her eyes widened. 

She spit her water out in shock at who walked in.

Everyone stared at her, confused at the sudden out burst.

"Sorry...choked on water." She lied, trying to clean the water.

A young man sat down with Mr.Gold. and had a straight face. Mr. Gold then finally cleared his throat and announced,

"Doctors. As you know today I will just be going over the do's and don't in court. And this is my intern Jonathon Hathaway. Judge Hathaway's nephew. I hope you all don't mind."

Everyone nodded their head. While everyone saw this young man as Jonathon Hathaway, Adeline saw him as something else. He's the father of Serena's baby.

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