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The first person to be questioned was Adeline. She took a seat, cleared her throat, and nodded to the judge to signal that she was ready.

The lawyer on Serena's side had a taunting smile on his face, and she knew instantly the questions he was about to ask were going to try to provoke her in any way possible.

"Miss Fox, it says here that you and Serena's current fiance, Theo Straton, were in a relationship. In fact, the 2 of you were married. Am I correct?" He asked.

"Yes, you are."

"Then am I right to suggest that you threw that punch at Serena due to the anger and resentment you have towards her due to past altercations?" The lawyer asked back.

Adeline looked at her lawyers, Luca nodded his head, it was very important that the court heard the truth.

"I won't lie...Some part of me does believe that the punch I threw was due to past altercations. It was completely irresponsible of me, and an action I never thought I would see myself ever doing."

"So, then how can we trust you, a pediatrics surgeon, to not have another altercation with another patient?"

"Have you looked into my history sir?" Adeline asked back, he then nodded.

"Have you seen any other actions done by me to another?", he shook his head no.

"Then what makes you think I would hurt a patient. What happened between me and Serena were personal reasons, outside of work."

"And yet you punched her. At the hospital. In front of staff and some patients. HR was kind enough to give us some info and it shows that multiple filed complaints and expressed their worries about having you as a doctor checking on their kid. How do you know of this will be different? How do we know you won't strike again?"

"Serena provoked me. She mocked me of my past failures in my life. And then dared to speak ill of my dead baby. So yes I let my emotions get to me. That is something I'm not proud of." Adeline then looked at the jury,

"But if you had the woman who took your husband, who ended marriage, mock your dead baby wouldn't you be upset as well?"

"So you think the best solution is to punch her? A pregnant woman. A woman who could have lost her baby because of you. Answer this Doctor. Did you punch her in hopes of her possibly falling, and injuring herself. Causing her to loose the baby so she can endure the same thing you did before?"

Adeline was completely shocked at the question. This lawyer really was not holding back. For a few seconds she was speechless. Then, she straightened herself up and answered,

"I would never want her to loose her baby. I would never wish any of the pain I endured onto her and the child. I hope no one ever goes through what I did. Like I said before, I let my emotions get in the way. And what I did to her was not in hopes of her losing her baby. I did it so she would stop disrespecting mine. ButI never had the intentions of her losing her baby, and for you to think that is truly a horrifying thing."

The lawyer smirked at her, she could tell he had a few more tricks up his sleeves. Maybe more snarky comments to piss her off even more. But instead he announced he was done with questions.

And now it was time for Serena to go. When Adeline saw her she couldn't help but groan in annoyance.

Serena was 'crying' her eyes out. She made herself look like a scared woman, she kept her arms around her belly protectively, and kept looking at the jury with this begging look. And the worst part was that the jury was buying, some even looked at her with sympathetic looks and gentle smiles. Completely opposite to Adeline, who received straight faces and cold eyes.

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