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"No...This wasn't suppose to happen!" Mrs.Straton said, tearing up.

"Ma'am.. We can talk about other options as well.. We-" Zander started, but he was cut off.

"Max is right! This is your fault!" She yelled, looking directly at Adeline.

Everyone was caught by surprise at the sudden change in Mrs.Straton's mood. 

"Mom, calm down. We knew there were risks, and we can now only hope for the best. They're keeping a close eye on both Kat and the baby."  Theo said, trying to reason out with his mom.

"We wouldn't be in this situation if it hadn't been for them! The messed up!" She yelled, tears now flowing down her face.

Adeline couldn't argue with her. She wasn't yelling because she was furious, she knew she was yelling because she's a mother. A mother who fears for her daughters life, and now a grandmother who sees that her  grandchild might not make it. She's a mother who is scared, and is now taking out her fear and frustration on Adeline and Zander.

"I understand what you're going through, but-"

"You know nothing about what we are going through! Do you know what it's like to lose a baby Adeline? Do you know what it's like knowing that your baby could die, and you can do nothing about it? You know nothing!" Mrs.Straton yelled.

"Mom! Enough!" Theo called out, knowing that his mother went over the line. 

Adeline took a deep breath, recollecting memories of her own lost child. 

"I do know what it's like to lose a child." She hissed, catching the attention of Mr/Mrs.Straton.

"I know what it's like to wake up without your child. I know what it's like to hold your dead child in your arms. I know what it's like to find out that there was nothing you could do to save your own child. I know what it's like to hear the news that your baby was dead before they even had a chance to live. Don't you dare tell me that I know nothing..."

And with that she stormed off, beyond furious. She walked into an empty office room and paced back and forth. Once again she was bombarded with memories of the darkest times of her life. Then, she turned her head to the door opening.

"Leave me alone Theo." She said, turning her back to him.

"Look, what my mom said was out of line. I'm sure she will come around tomorrow. I'll make sure that she apologizes tomorrow. I'll make sure to fix it."

"Stop..Just stop." She whispered.


"Just stop! Stop trying to fix this! You can't fix this!" She argued.

That's when he knew she wasn't talking about the incident that just happened. She was talking about them.

"You know I can't. I won't."

"Why? Why do you keep insisting that you can fix us? Do you have any idea how much this affects me? You being here brings back so many memories that I wanted to so desperately forget. Have you ever wonder how I would feel?"

"I just..I just thought that you were okay with me being here."

"No! I'm not! You being here has made me beyond uncomfortable! Do you know that every time I look at you I don't see you as the brother to my patient? I see you as the man who abandoned his pregnant wife for another. I see you as the man who has lied about his entire marriage. I see a man who took advantage of a lovesick fool, and when you were tired of me you tossed me aside like a piece of trash. For the longest time I wondered what was wrong with me? Was I not enough? Was I not beautiful or smart enough? I blamed myself for the longest time because I thought it was my fault that my own husband left me.  You know how my life has been in the past. You know about the countless people in my life who have left me alone, because I wasn't good enough for them. Do you remember our wedding day? The vow that you made in front of our family and friends?"

Theo stood there with his head down. Of course he remembered. He spent 2 months writing those vows, making sure that they were perfect for her. Making sure that every ounce of his love for her were written in those vows. But he broke them, just like how he broke her.

"I Theo Straton promise you that I will never leave you. I will never abandon you to a life of solitary. I  vow to you that I will be by your side until the day I die. I  vow to you that throughout the many trials in life I will always be by your side. I will fully support you and love you. I  vow to you that our lives together will soon heal up the wounds of past heart breaks that you didn't deserve to experience. I vow to you that I will show you a life full of nothing but love and compassion. I vow to you that I will love you till the day I die." Adeline spat out, just the few parts that she remembers.

"Did those words mean nothing to you? I moved on Theo! I accepted reality and moved on. But you come waltzing back into my life proclaiming this undying love. You need to move on Theo! There will never be an us. You and Serena will leave this hospital once Kat is cleared to go, and I know you won't even think about me when you leave. This isn't love Theo. This is guilt." 

Upon hearing those last few words, his head shot up. 

"You're wrong.." He muttered.

"It's not guilt...I've always loved you Adeline..I was a fool, a jerk, a stupid idiot to leave you. I lost my chance to fix what I had broken when I found out that you had literally disappeared. I looked for you! I hired so many people to find you, but nothing. You have no idea how much I wanted to fix things. I didn't wait 4 years to fix us. I realized my mistake soon enough. God..It's always been you Adeline. And I know that you may hate me for what I did, but please understand that I am a changed man! I learned from my mistakes! So many things have changed about me, but the one thing that hasn't changed is my love for you. I made a mistake, a horrible mistake. But please give me another chance! Give me one last chance to prove to you that I love you." He said.

He then slowly walked up to her, and Adeline backed up. But was soon trapped when she felt her back hit the wall.

"Please..Please believe in me.."Theo begged, and without any warning crashed his lips to hers.

Adeline gasped in shocked at the kiss, and for a moment let it happen. But she then snapped back to reality and shoved him away from her. But he swiftly wrapped his right arm around her waist, and his left hand cupped her face gently.

"Adeline...I need you to understand how much you mean to me. How much you have changed my life for the better. I realized that I lost you due to my mistakes, and I only ask of you to give me one more chance to redeem myself to you. Leaving you is the biggest regret in my life." He whispered.

Adeline looked down, as one single tear fell down her face. She then looked up and announced,

"And trusting you was mine." 


A/N: Guysss, I just found out that the girl who portrays Adeline is in a group called Red Velvet! And dang! They got some good music. Lol, never really listened to Kpop now I'm hooked! Give me some recommendations! 

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