Lake Hylia

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You open your eyes and see the bright sun fill the room you are in. You sit up and rub the tiredness out of your eyes. It takes you another minute to remember what happened before you slept.

After placing the Lightscale Trident in its how home in a weapon mount, you collapsed on your bed and unconsciously closed your eyes with sleep overcoming you. You still wore your hood and belts when you opened your eyes the next morning.

You look around and see Link is not there on the bed next to yours. You get out of the bed and strap your weapons on. You open the doors to outside with a fresh breeze hitting your face welcomingly. You look around and see Link on the bridge looking off the cliff. You stand on the porch and slight relief washes over you. Something in your stomach stirs as you watch how the wind sways his hair and how his eyes seem to reflect thoughts that you can't quite read.

"Glad to see you're awake," he says without looking at you. Your face heats up.

"You should have woken me up," you accuse. Link's mouth twitches into the slightest smile. He turns around.

"Whatever, we should eat. Could you teach me how to cook now?" he asks with impatient undertones. You give in with a smile and nod in response. He then motions you to follow him to the shed with the crockpots.


When you two finish, you hop on Ginger and head out to the next destination. Over breakfast, you decided to head to the next closest of the races, the Gerudo. Following the parts of the map that are complete, the main road that heads southwest was the best option. On the way, a team of horses grazing in the field catches your eye. You tug on Ginger's reins and tilt your head in the direction of the horses. Link takes the hint and sneaks up to one.

He approaches the nearest horse, a dazzling dark bronze with white mane and socks. When he is close enough, he jumps on the horses back. It lets out a cry and tries to kick Link off with all its might. The other horses gallop away in fear.

The horse manages to calm down and Link directed her toward you and Ginger. Ginger neighed at the other horse's presence.

"You were faster than me," you note, impressed.

"I had your example," he smiles and digs his heels into his horse's sides, heading down the path with a trot to the nearest stable.


Link jumps off the horse to get him registered and fills out the paper by the window of the inn.

"What are you going to name her?" you ask.

Link casts his eyes on the ground and thinks for a second. "E... pona." He speaks the familiar name

"Huh? What was that?"

"Epona," he repeats. "Her name should be Epona."

"Alright, go for it," you encouragingly nod to the paper. Link turns to scribble the name on the paper and signs his name on the line underneath. Epona is all saddled up and ready to go by the time he is done.

"Thank you for your patience." The stable master says. "Please have a good rest of your day and come again soon!"

Link jumps on Epona's back. You tug at Ginger's reins and he starts heading south toward the Faron region.


A little while later, you spot a Sheikah Tower in the distance. Its orange glow contrasted greatly against the already darkening sky.

"There's another tower ahead." You say before stopping Ginger. You see a beautiful bridge crossing over a magnificent lake of Lake Hylia. Your eyes scan all over the surroundings before you. You utter a small 'woah' in awe without realizing it.

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