The Calamity

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After a lot of encouragement, you and Link manage to pull your horses up the steep slope and onto an unmapped path. The path led you downhill slightly, passing under arches from Kakariko that still claimed the territory. Soon enough, you come across the promenade leading to the mountain.

Even though it was in ruins, it was still beautiful.

The structures of stone in layered bricks were dressed in moss. Arches and stacked walls surrounded the crevasse. A constant, chilling breeze sweeps through the walkway and resonates a forgotten tune through the stone.

It was quiet and still, slightly daunting, like it was whispering. The sound of your horse's hooves clopping on the pavement echoed and bounced off the enclosure. The mountain of destination slowly drew nearer.

At the very end of the lake lied a single archway. It served as the doorway to the path leading up to the spring. It guarded the path and silently warned anyone not of the wisdom age to wait their entry.

You and Link dismount your horses and walk over to the base of the archway. Link takes out his Sheikah Slate and selects the eleventh memory. This was the place.

Both of you remember what happened 100 years ago where you stood.


The pressing silence was suffocating.

All five champions stood waiting at the gate to Mount Lanayru. Princess Zelda could be seen returning from the spring ahead. Behind her walked her appointed knight, the usual distance between them.

The champions all gathered around her and started to walk with her. Among them, Daruk was the first to speak. "Well?" he prompted, "don't keep us in suspense. How'd everything go up there on the mountain?"

Zelda's expression alone was enough of an answer. It took a lot of effort for her to bring herself to shake her head as she stopped.

'Time is up.'




(Y/N) stood directly across from the princess, eyes glued to the ground as Zelda gave the silent answer. (Y/N)'s hands balled into fists and scrunched their uniform as the overlapping voices whispered. Link was the first to notice.

"So you didn't feel anything?" Revali asked carefully. "No power at all?"

"I'm sorry, no," Zelda answered, refusing to make eye contact as she held her hands. That was her last chance, she thought. Yet again, she failed.

"Then let's move on," Urbosa cut the silence and stepped toward Zelda. "You've done all you could. Feeling sorry for yourself won't be of any help. After all, it's not like your last shot was up there on Mount Lanayru." Daruk nodded in agreement with a frown. "Anything could finally spark the power to seal Ganon away. We just have to keep looking for that... thing."

"That's kind of you," Zelda whispered. "Thank you."

(Y/N) shifted restlessly, wishing to speak, but not knowing how. Revali was the second to notice.

"If I may..." Mipha spoke to Zelda, who looked up as the Zora stepped closer. "I thought you... Well, I'm not sure how to put this into words. I'm actually quite embarrassed to say it."

'No time.'

'He's awake.'



(Y/N) grimaced and desperately wanted to warn the others, but the truth was so hard to believe. Urbosa was the third to notice.

"But I was thinking about what I do when I'm healing," Mipha continued with her eyes on the ground. "You know... What usually goes through my mind."

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