Flight Range

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You wake up way too early the next day. It must be because you fell asleep earlier than normal.

Sleeping in is just a waste of time, no matter how tempting it is. The soft covers of the bed made you sleep very well last night. You feel energized and ready to get your day started.

You swing your legs off of the edge of your bed and tug on your Hylian boots and Champion hood.

You walk outside and hug your hood tight to your arms. The air was crisp and chilly this morning. You walk around Rito Village and look at the view around you. The mountains were caked in snow and reflect the bright sunlight.

You look down at your Hylian tunic dyed your favorite color. The design of the tunic is for practicality and combat. Since it was made in Hateno Village, it wasn't made to keep the cold out.

Point being, you need new clothes.

You walk higher and higher up the Village and find a clothing store where they sell a beautiful Snowquill set designed to keep warm in the coldest of nights. The problem is, there is only one of them.

"Excuse me," you say to the Rito at the front desk, "I traveled here with a friend and I'm interested in getting both of us this clothing set. Do you have another set in addition to this one for sale?"

"Not at the moment, but I can make one for you," she says sweetly. "If you could stand over here for me, I can get your measurements."

"Oh, thank you very much," you say and walk to the spot she pointed to. "How much will this cost?"

"It will be 2150 rupees," she says, looking for her tape measure.

You don't have enough by a long shot. "Could I maybe pay you later?" you ask nervously.

"Oh, yes you can. It will take me a few hours to sew up, so you can get your rupees together in that time."

"Okay, thank you very much," you repeat. You're going to need to buy the other one for Link as well since he spent all of his money on the Gerudo Voe set. You're going to need to collect and sell a heck ton of items. You think of all that is in your bag and what you can afford to loose while the Rito get's your measurements.

"You're all done!" she sings and rolls the tape measure up. "It should be done around noon. Come back soon!"

"Thank you," you say again and leave for the general store. You arrive and glance at the items for sale. They have cooking materials, arrows, mushrooms...

And a paraglider.

Your eyes light up when you see it. You've been needing one for the longest time. You walk up to the counter and practically yell, "how much for the paraglider?"

"A thousand two hundred," the Rito replied, startled.

"Dang it," you whisper, looking away. "Can you buy from me?"

"Uhm, yes. What would you like to sell?"

You reach into your pockets and in your bag and pull out everything you are willing to part with. You place on the table monster parts, flint, cooking materials, some skewers, and even some bugs, hoping it would be enough.

This only got you about 1500 rupees. You need more than double of that. You end up buying the paraglider before anything else. It wasn't essential, but it would be very nice to have so you won't have to rely on Link for the ability of air travel.

You take the glider to the edge of the railing and look out to Rito Stable. Just like how Link does it, you grip the handles of the glider and take a running start. You jump and your heart leaps with you.

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