Divine Beast Vah Naboris

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You flick the rope to your sand seal and dash forward. You stay by Riju's side, careful to stay in the confines of her shield, which is a lot harder than it seems. 

Dust clouds roll around you and you can't see twenty feet in front of you. Naboris' faint shadow is barely outlined in the storm. As you get closer to the beast, you can hear an electric whirr. You look up to Naboris's back and see a large purple orb of energy forming between its two humps. 

"Don't stray!" Riju shouts over the strange buzz. You flick the rope of the sand seal and dash to keep close to Riju. A purple ring of light forms around you as a target to Naboris. You stay in Riju's shield just as the orb of energy from Naboris crackles violently and fires into the air, crashing on the field above you.

You dash again to get closer and see Naboris's feet. They illuminated the same violet as the energy. You can feel Link's eyes on you, but you shouldn't take out your bow just yet. You need to get closer. 

You steadily catch up to the giant beast just as it charges another attack, this time aimed at Link. You use this as an opportunity and dash towards Naboris's legs. You take out your bow and pull a bomb arrow on the string. The arrow sizzles, ready to blow. You get close to one of the giant illuminated feet and fire the arrow. 

An enormous explosion of a mass of orange erupts from the arrow as it hits the target.  The purple glow dies as it takes another booming step. Naboris strikes the orb again, but Link stays safe near Riju. You aim again to the other foot on your right and take out its lights too. Just two more left.

You dash out of the field to get a good view of the two front legs. They weave in and out of sight as the beast takes massive steps. You hit the third target and its lights die just as you hear Naboris charging up another attack, this time aimed at you. 

You slow down your sand seal to get back in the confines of the Thunder Helm's protection. Just as you hear the electric energy hit just above you, you dash out of range again to hit the last target, the last gleaming purple foot. You draw back your bowstring and hit it right in the center of its lights.

Purple crackles of electricity and smoke boils out of the beast. It stops in its tracks and its feet wobbles. It lets off a low roar as its red lights flicker. The lights die and it freezes in its place. The long towers of legs tremble and collapse as Naboris lies down, granting you entrance. Waves of sand stirs in the air. You shield your eyes and wait for the dust to die down.

You open your eyes and run back to Riju, who is taking off the Thunder Helm. She takes a deep refreshing breath.

"Unfortunately, I can not appease Naboris on my own." She says. "I have no choice but to entrust the rest to you two." You nod and run toward Naboris's entrance with Link just behind you. As you step onto the platform, Naboris wakes again and its lights turn back on. It stands up, bringing you and Link high into the air. You are determined to not let Gerudo down.

Naboris begins walking again, sending the ground beneath you shaking with every booming step. You look ahead of you and see a Sheikah pedestal. Link walks up to it with his Sheikah Slate and scans it. The platform beneath you illuminates a brilliant blue. 

"Well, well, well..." you hear a voice say. "You sure do know how to keep a woman waiting. I can't wait to see you take Naboris back from Ganon! Take Naboris back by activating the main control unit. You're ready for this."

 In Ruta, the fight with Waterblight Ganon started here. Before Link walks up to the pedestal, you stop him.

"Wait, eat this," you hand him a mushroom skewer. "This should boost our defense."

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