Silence | Zelink ✔️ by -KatyWritesStuff-
Silence | Zelink ✔️by katy
Zelda Harkinian - a deaf elementary school student relentlessly bullied by Link Forrester in their younger years. Fast forward to high school, where Link is dealing...
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Eternity [Link x Reader fanfiction] by UnlikelyKing
Eternity [Link x Reader fanfiction]by Leo = bae <3
You didn't choose this, you didn't want this. But it was a destiny decreed by the Gods. You were his soulmate. You would love him through life, through death, and into t...
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Hyrule Knights Academy by UnluckyPlum
Hyrule Knights Academyby UnluckyPlum
[Zelda: Breath of the Wild fanfiction] Young Hylians who wish to serve their kingdom someday can receive an education and begin early training for knighthood at Hyrule K...
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Prodigy - Link & Dark Link x Reader OneShots by PsychoticCrimson
Prodigy - Link & Dark Link x Reade...by Mental
"You are my prodigy, for it is because of you, I know they are real." ____________ Link and Dark Link seem to always be there for you. It seems that they s...
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Link x reader by Kayla1928
Link x readerby Mikaylaaaaaaaa
So I wrote this 4 years ago so I do ask you be mindful of the cheesiness and the typos. Please. I do not like negative comments and if I see them they will be deleted. T...
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Dark Link X Reader (His Toy) by Kayla1928
Dark Link X Reader (His Toy)by Mikaylaaaaaaaa
It's a storyyyy
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Link X Reader Images/Scenarios by lilginger73
Link X Reader Images/Scenariosby Just call me Ginger!
I don't really know if these are considered scenarios, images, or preferences. I guess they are boyfriend scenarios/ preferences, so I'm gonna go with that. These are a...
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could this be love? (COMPLETED)                                      by Mhizvivian
could this be love? (COMPLETED)...by Mhizvivian
this story might offend some people, if you dislike the thoughts of mother and son sex please don't bother to read it, I will start posting soon.... at first sue took i...
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The Knight & The Prince (A SidLink Tale) by DragonOwater
The Knight & The Prince (A SidLink...by Destiny
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Lost In Nintendo Land: The Legend of Player Three by Captain_Kit
Lost In Nintendo Land: The Legend...by Captain Kit
The sequel to Lost In Nintendo Land! Since defeating King Boo and rescuing Princess Peach, (Y/N) has worked happily alongside of the Super Mario Brothers. After Luigi an...
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Semi-Aquatic Love (Sidon x Link) by KnxwnUnkxwn
Semi-Aquatic Love (Sidon x Link)by ♕ ✿ υикиσωи ✿ ♕
Link has been given the chance to visit his beloved friends but along his journey to Zora's Domain he fell into a bit of trouble as ended up in the health ward at Zora's...
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Ghirahim x Reader by Issssabella-
Ghirahim x Readerby Issssabella-
You where raised by Kikwi's your whole life and one day one of Ghirahim's minions find's you. Ghirahim thinks little of you at first, but when Ghirahim realizes how you...
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The Twilight Veil (Link X Reader) by catfishhamsterlady
The Twilight Veil (Link X Reader)by Catrina Furr
#28 in Legend of Zelda Mistakes. They make us human, if we make one we can learn. Choices are something we do consciously. Choices are what set us apart from the rest, w...
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Centuri Amic: a Prince Sidon x Reader Lemon by _JayShook_
Centuri Amic: a Prince Sidon x Rea...by _JayShook_
-For all of those who wanted to fuck a sexy fish shark man your welcome. This will contain lemon/smut so yes proceed with caution- 100 years ago u were happily playing i...
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LoZ BOTW X Reader Oneshots (Requests Open) by SoccerSideBitch
LoZ BOTW X Reader Oneshots (Reques...by HamilTrashMaDude
I decided I'm going to start one of these books because there aren't too many out there. This will be fun :). Requests are open. Most likely no smut will be made, butttt...
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The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time by dragonrand100
The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Ti...by dragonrand100
"This is the tale of an ancient land of lush forests and verdant meadows. A land blessed by the Goddesses where the powers of light and shadow exist in perfect bala...
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The Daughter of The Goddess | Link x Reader by Phantomhive_Butler
The Daughter of The Goddess | Link...by Natsu Dragneel's Mate
Hundreds of years ago, Hylia, the Goddess, sent her only daughter through time to aid The Hero and herself reborn as a human. Hylia's daughter, _____, suffered throughou...
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Sink or Swim|Link/Sidon Fanfiction by sidonbelievesinyou
Sink or Swim|Link/Sidon Fanfictionby Just Prince Sidon
Link had no idea what was going on. Hyrule had been saved, everything seemed as though it was perfectly on track again. With the Princess rescued and his duty by her sid...
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The Legend of Zelda: The Fall of Hyrule ✔️ by -KatyWritesStuff-
The Legend of Zelda: The Fall of H...by katy
When the three goddesses of the Triforce unintentionally grant the Princess of Hyrule the Triforce of Power, and the evil locked away from the world the Triforce of Wisd...
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