⚫Chapter 3⚫

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Monday, August 27

You already know what happened next.

I kept on going to back to my pond every day for a full week. And yes, he was always there. I would just watch him for fifteen minutes then I would run back home.

I know. Pretty stalkerish.

Some days he would swim, other days he would skip rocks or just sit down and do absolutely nothing.

Had anything interesting happen? No, not really, because I, Leilani, am not a clumsy person at all.

Of course, something interesting had happened! That Thursday, I decided to wear my sandals and walked into the forest.

I slipped like five times on the way to the pond. Nothing new.

And for some odd reason, on that particular day, he brought this little kid with him to the pond. I was extremely confused.

Did Elias have a child?

Why was this child awake at such an early time?

Anyways, I watched him play with the child. It was very amusing. He seemed to be really good with kids. He kept on making the little boy laugh which made me laugh.

And then for some odd reason, while I was turning around to run back towards my home, I slipped on the ground. I literally fell face forward onto the dirt ground and gained a bruise on my forehead.

When my parents and friends had asked me about it, I simply told them I banged my head against the wall. And they believed my sob story because I'm just that clumsy. Anyways, after I fell I realized I groaned in pain a little bit too loudly, which caused Elias to call out into the forest.

And let me tell you, his voice sounded pretty damn attractive.

I just laid there feeling pain, but I also felt these weird butterflies in my stomach. I didn't understand why this boy made me feel weird. I had never even met him before.

So here I was. On a beautiful Monday morning. Going back to my pond. I was just about to approach it, but as I walked towards my tree, I noticed something different.

He wasn't there. There was no hot guy to be seen.

That made me concerned because I had seen him at my pond for six days straight all at the exact same time. I walked towards my pond and stared at my reflection. Maybe this Elias guy didn't even exist and I was just going crazy.

I sat down against a random tree and started to feel sorry for myself.

Here I was, disappointed that my prince charming didn't show up. Maybe he was sick or had died. Well, I hope he didn't died. That would have been tragic.

Suddenly, I heard shuffling in front of me. I widened my eyes in fear as I looked around at my surroundings. Ok, maybe I'll just run home. This was probably a bad idea.

As soon as I started walking towards home's direction, he just popped out of nowhere.

I literally almost fell to the ground. He scared me.

I just stood there feeling awkward as his gaze burned into my soul. All I could hear were the birds chirping and the wind blowing against the trees. After a moment of silence, I finally spoke.

"I'm just going to," I murmured while pointing towards my home's direction. "Yeah."

I immediately started to run past him, but he grabbed onto my arm.

With speed, he dragged me and pushed me against the nearest tree.

Yup, he's probably a werewolf.

I immediately felt sparks rush into my body's system. I widened my eyes in confusion as I looked at the contact between us. His hand was soft but rough as his grip tightened against my arm. I gulped in fear feeling my back being crushed against the rough bark of the tall tree.

I had finally gotten close to him and I was trembling. First of all those eyes were something else. I didn't dare stare into them for too long because it made me feel uncomfortable.

But when I did, I noticed they were darker than their usual light grey colour making him look pissed.

He somehow resembled a Greek god. With his flowing brown hair. He wasn't too big, but it was evident he worked out. He was so close to me. His minty breath fanned against my face as I stared at the ground.

"Who the hell are you?"

My eyes immediately shot up with anger.

"Excuse me? Who the hell are you?"

His eyes were burning with rage as I spoke back to him. Was he not used to such attitude?

"And can you please let go? You're hurting me."

His eyes suddenly lightened as he looked down towards my arm.

"Sorry," he muttered as he took a little step back.

I rubbed my arm trying to ignore the slight pain I was feeling. I could see him trying to figure me out. I knew he wanted to know more about my eye colour and my hair, hence the reason why he was staring at me weirdly.

"Why are you stalking me?"

I widened my eyes in confusion as I played with my fingers.

"I'm not stalking you," I muttered while staring at my hands.

"You've been watching me every morning for the past week."

I bit my lip with nervousness and trembled.

So I've been caught. How embarrassing!

"What is your name?"

"What's yours?" I asked back while studying his beautiful grey eyes.

He finally spoke with hesitation as his eyes never left mine.

"Elias Vasilios Calderon."

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