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"this will soon be your office." his father told him "doesn't it look amazing?"
mark nodded,uncomfortably shifting from one side to another. "dad.i have to ask you something." he mutters,looking at this father who was sitting in a large leather chair,looking at him.

"can i change my name to mark?minhyung is long"
the mans eyes turned cold as he sternly said "where did you get that stupid idea?"

mark shivered,something unknown in his head twitching when he mentioned the name change. "o-oh well i was just thinking about it." the boy lied,fiddling with his fingers.
the same second,the man slammed his fists on the table "tell me where the hell did you got that idea from!"

then,marks' body started twitching uncontrollably,his mind repeating the name 'minhyung'.
he backed away from his father and into a corner of the room as he curled up in a ball,holding his head in pain.

footsteps got louder and louder,until they stopped.mark looked up whilst holding his throbbing head,only to be met by his father's dark eyes.
the two orbs stared into his soul,until the elder spoke threateningly "don't disobey the rules.don't change the system.you are lee minhyung and no one else."

with that,the elder got out of the office,leaving the hurt boy alone.

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