0.8 | lies

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mark for some reason,didn't tell anyone who he was meeting.he has a weird feeling in his stomach that told him not to do it.

looking up from his phone then back at the sign,he was pretty sure he got the place right.
pushing the doors open,he spotted 7 boys,loudly taking and laughing.
they were loud,until mark walked in.

a tall blonde boy was the first one to engulf him in a big hug.
"hyung" he spoke,stuttering.unknowingly,mark whispered "jisung." and hugged back.

the boys one by one hugged mark,who sat down beside jisung and renjun.

"so chenle,you do arson?" mark asks,taking a sip if his green tea latte.the blonde haired boy smiled widely and nodded "all the fires caused are because of me~~but don't worry.i only burn buildings that are not in use,though!" "the word you're looking for is abandoned" renjun said laughing along with others.


'-the faculty has been abandoned for six years,ever since the disaster that occurred there.however,it is believed that the building was burnt on purpose-like the previous ones.the criminal is still unidentified.from now on police will guard abandoned buildings so that the fire doesn't spread on the rest of the city-if the criminal does attack again.'

"ah,idiots." his mother commented,turning off the tv,annoyed.
"minhyung" the woman asked,smiling "do you by chance know who did it?"
shaking his head,mark replied "no mom,sorry."


mark laughed along,watching how happy they all looked as they talked.
"so mark.where are you staying?" haechan asks,the table getting quieter.
"with my mom" mark answered,noticing the shock on their faces "your mom came back?" jaemin asked first,still utterly confused like the rest "has she ever left me?"

now mark was confused as well. "yeah.you lived with jisung and worked all by yourself to get the money."
"oh,okay." mark said nodding his head. "what's your moms job?" chenle asked
"she works in a laboratory for medicine."

the rest of the day was spent in laughter and roasting,until it was mark's time to go home.

turning off his phone,he hid it and went home.
"oh sweetie!where were you?" his mom asked,hugging the male,who returned the hug "took a stroll around the city."


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