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"mom,when's dad coming home?" mark asked,eating dinner with his mother. "soon,minhyung.he's finishing some papers.next week you'll inherit his job.are you excited?" she said,smiling.earning a big nod,the boy smiled "very.i can't wait."

when the words left mark's mouth,an elderly man entered the room,ruffling mark's hair.
"oh dad!you're home" he exclaimed,smiling.
the man nodded as he sat and started eating the food hyejin-the maid-made.

"so your official preparations start tomorrow and until next week,where you'll be announced as the next president." the man talked,eating the sushi in between.
the two males continued discussing about work,until it was time to sleep.

mark laid in his bed,thoughts occupying his head.he smiled happily as he snuggled on many of his pillows,holding his phone.

he was delighted that he found his phone.it was hidden in one of his hoodies and when he charged it and he was excited to see all the photos.

↳ < P H O N E R E E B O O T I N G >

——————— 5%———————

——————— 15% ———————

——————— 30% ———————

——————— 46% ———————

——————— 55% ———————

——————— 70% ———————

——————— 88% ———————

——————— 90% ———————

——————— 99% ———————

——————— 100% ———————

< P H O N E R E B O O T E D >

90 missed phone calls

99+ missed messages ↰

'who messaged and called me that much?' mark wondered.opening the recent calls button,he noticed 7 names.

'who are those boys?' he asked himself,clicking on the message app,seeing an abnormal number of messages,he first clicked on the group chat,deciding to read it all,hoping to remember something.

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