0.1 | mark is my name

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mark arrives at the hidden building stunned.

his mother was alive? he had a mother?
most of his childhood was a blur.

the only thing he could remember was the endless brain games.
he always remembered the voice, but he could never see the woman's face.
but now he knew.it belonged to his mother, the woman who disappeared from his life with questions, only to be back with even more questions.

why was she back ? was she involved with the whole foreigner thing? why did she threaten him? why did she need him in the first place?

clenching his fist, he cleared his throat "Mrs.lee" he bitterly said, "what is all of this?"

"my dear son, this" she paused, pointing at the laboratory hidden in the deep woods "this is the future."

rolling his eyes, he suddenly got an attitude "thanks for the detailed explanation, i am enlightened."

the woman scoffed "this is how negatively your little friends effected you. i knew this was a bad idea."

mark's mouth went agape "you watched me all the time?"

"of course" the woman smiled sinisterly  "this was all a test, don't you remember,minhyung?"

his mind blacked out, four words spilling from his mouth "my name is mark."

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