0.3 | the boy

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the boy sat in his room after a tiring day, close to passing out.
he thought about everything happening, but the thoughts were soon interrupted by his mother coming in.

"minhyung" she said softly as she sat next to him "how about i tell you a story? for a good nights sleep?"
he didn't know how to respond, so his mom took that as a yes.

"there was a boy who used to be parents' favorite. he obeyed and promised the world to them.when he turned thirteen, his father told him about ruling the world.but, the boy didn't want that.his dad got mad and forced him to do a lot of tests, he couldn't go out. that was until the boy sneaked out.of course, the father found out and started beating him up.then?do you know what happened? the innocent boy killed his own father. and then, he disappeared."

"do you promise to be a good son,minhyung?" the mother spoke, looking at her son sophisticatedly.

he shook his head and the last thing he saw was the monster putting a needle in his arm before everything went black.

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