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mark was set in his room.he was probably here less than a day and he already has no idea what time it is.

no one could blame him though, the shock is unbearable and his room wasn't helping.

it was futuristic, all pearl white only with a bed and a door which lead to the bathroom.no windows no sun, nothing. just hospital like lights, burning into his soul.
it reminded him of the room renjun resided in, just far more advanced.

he had white slide doors which were being watched by guards, so he couldn't do anything.


the next morning, at least mark thought it was, he was awakened early. but, it wasn't his mother.

it was a man dressed in a green onesie.he was a six-foot-something, bald middle-aged man.
"let's go.you have testings to do." his deep voice spoke, exiting the room, whilst mark followed.

they arrived in a room filled with technology which was unknown to the male. there was a bed, which the man ordered him to sit on.

mark nodded and made his way over to the bed.

"unfortunately, the doctor has other sub-kids to examine so i'll have to do it."

mark gulped and nodded, feeling his mouth dry.

"so, what's your name?" he asks smirking

mark looked at the man, saying simply "mark"

that statement made the man chuckle "no.your name from now on is minhyung.let me ask again.what's your name?"

being a stubborn person he usually is, he once again replied with "mark".

"now-now" the man eerily said "i know that you're a smart kid and we wouldn't want you to get hurt.right?so let me ask once again.what's your name?"

not believing the man's words he looked him in the eyes and replied "easy.mark."

the bald-headed man put a scowl on his face and pressed the button that immediately electrocuted the male who was yelling in pain.

"what's your name?"

bluntly and in pain mark said "minhyung"

"that was forced" he grabbed the button and pressed it again, only for mark to feel even more pain.

the male screamed in pain, his head pounding and his body shaking from pain.

something in his head clicked, and he forgot what he was even being tortured for. "what's your name" the man smiled creepily, staring down at the teary boy.
"m-my name is minhyung"

after that, he was left in his room, terrorized.

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