0.4 | son

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the boy woke up in a different room this time.it was a luxurious room,with a big king sized bed.

then,a woman entered with a tray of food in the room "minhyung.i brought you breakfast."

disoriented,mark observed the woman who gently placed the tray next to the boy.

"where am i?"were the first words mark could muster out. "your home.don't you remember?"

mark searched his whole mind,but nothing came. "no.i only remember my name: minhyung"
the maid smiled softly "yes.your mother sent me to tell you what happened.you hit your head,and lost your memories.but don't worry.nothing major.you're still the heir."

drinking the tea the maid brought him,he choked back "wait what does my mother work as?"

"she is the presidents wife,and you will continue your step-fathers job."

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