Chapter 10 - Saviour

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She never worried about those men, as humans but Minttu was 80% sure she saw a human side on him, just like the way he looked at Bella. That could be good, or incredibly bad at the end. Or maybe it was just her old sister side screaming, afraid and ready to protect her friend.

She smiles when Bella stands on the stage, dancing like the last time, like she always did. She was one of the reasons Minttu' business was going so well since she got in and she couldn't be more grateful for that, clapping as the Italian twirled around the pole, more money being thrown at her.

Bella smiles feeling a few notes touching her skin, when she walked by the pole. Men throwing more and more cash as she gave her absolute best as she always did.

Those eyes, those beautiful hazelnuts could be spotted in the middle of the club. A dark blue button up shirt covered by the dark Grey tuxedo. He looked handsome and this time focused, curious and maybe a little bit pleased. Yet he wasn't throwing money, no. He was just sitting one hand above the table holding the whiskey, while the other rested on his tights. His delicious tights, Bella had to agree.

She laughed internally when the music stops. The men, and few girls of the club whistle and clap as Bella winks bending to take the money just near the small stage.

A cold hand grabbed her arm tightly, his chin resting above her shoulder, leaving a few kisses behind her ear.

"What the fuck?! Let me go!" she shook her arm from his grasp falling miserably when he turned her around to kiss her.

Bella tries to shield herself from the man, accidentally slapping his cheek, he finally letting her go for a moment.

"Ouch! Lil mama I thought you were paid to please me, but not like this." he says holding his cheek with one hand, his drunk eyes finally meeting her brown scared ones. "Come here, don't act like you don't want." Bella squints her eyes when his face again get closer to her, her immediate reaction was to low blow the man, but his grasp never ever ceasing on her arm.

"You're fucking hurting me!" Bella whimpered a small commotion forming around them.

"HEY!" oh no, it was him. Again! "I really believe the lady told you to let go!" his dark tone changed as he looked at Bella. "Now!" he glances between the man and the Italian who closed her eyes.

Ricciardo' hands grabbed the man' collar aggressively, headbutting him in no time, the casually older man letting Bella go.

She didn't wait, nor looked back as she ran back to one of the rooms where the girls use to prepare themselves.

Bella gets in the room hiperventilating, tears aggressively running down her cheek as she tries to breath normally again.

"Are you okay? Hey? Are you okay?" Ricciardo hurriedly turns her around watching fear cross her face as tears roll down her eyes. "Fucking hell!" he paces back to the door to watch if Minttu was finally coming.

Without thinking much he grabbed the lady by her cheeks, allowing her to look up at him

"Alright you look at me and breath." He starts but that only makes her cry harder.

Ricciardo starts panicking a bit thinking about a way to calm her down.

"*You big head, come here to momma!" his mum smiles opening her arm wide for his son. "Ugh you look thin, what are they feeding you with? Ucellos? For the sake of the Lord Daniel, come here hug me!" *

His eyes widen when he reminds of something someone really special does to him whenever he visits. A simple hug. But was that smart?

Bella shivers when his arms wrap around her tiny figure sobbing. He thanked the heavens that he decided to wear a dark colour.

He tighten the embrace when she wrapped her arms around his waist, finally calming down a bit. Daniel shook his head with a heavy sigh.

This was the last time he had to save her from drunk guys, and he didn't want to imagine how many of these she had to deal with every night.

While Bella herself couldn't believe she was hugging the same bastard who had been a dickhead towards her. A confusing weird man she was dealing with for a few weeks now. Why was he doing that? Why?

"God Bells. Are you okay?" Minttu almost shouts getting into the room not bothering to ask about what she was seeing.

Both Ricciardo and Bella wrapped themselves from each other, Minttu caressing the Italian cheeks. "Did he hurt you?" she asks observing one of her wrist with a red mark. "Fuck!"

"Minttu, We have to talk!" Ricciardo finally spoke up as he looked at her.

"Mr. Ricciardo, I don't think this is the right... -"

"Believe me Virttanen, this is the right time!" he dryly replies looking at them both.

Bella only motions her to leave ignoring everything and everyone. She just wanted to stay alone.


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