Chapter 7 - In The Boss Town II

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Bella wondered why he looked mad when he saw her just a few minutes ago. It looked like he didn't knew she worked with Minttu, but he did. In fact he rejected her personally and Bella somehow held a grudge because of that. Why he didn't choose her was the question and to her it didn't make sense.

He said she wasn't her type, but just the day before he gave her his jacket without a word. Yet Bella never spoke a word near him because Mr. Ricciardo was intense yet weird, he had this supidly dangerous attractive aura, something that made her want to get that close, that dangerously close.

"Is that okay with you?" Bella snaps from her sea of thoughts as Minttu smiles questionable.

"Sorry, can you repeat that?" Bella frowns bitting her lip nervously, stealing a last glance from the man a few centimetres from her.

"You're seriously living on the moon now, should I get worried?"

"Nah!" Bella shook her head composing herself. "I was just wondering here, some stuff but that's it." She cleared her throat just as the biggest boss walks by giving her a nod, switching his blue ice eyes between the two woman

"Minttu." His voice is kinda raspy yet soft and low.

"Mr. Räikkönen, it's always good to see you." She purred clearly blushing at the man in front of her, intertwining her own hands on her back. "This is Bella...-"

"Oh! Isabella, isn't she?" His cold eyes meet her brown warmer ones. Of course he knew her name, he was the boss, the mafia depended on him. Shaking her hand she could feel his tight confident grip, his hands cooler from the drink he was holding, his expensive perfume not holding his charm back. "It's finally good to meet you, beautiful." Oh charming.

Bella blushed shaking her head. "Mr. Räikkönen the pleasure is all mine. I hope you're enjoying the party so far. Mrs. Virttanen gave it all here." Bella politely complimented her boss who smiled at her with a soft nod. Mr. Räikkönen gave her a soft smile and nod.

"That's why she's my favourite." He winked at her assuring that those two definitely would have something. "I'm going to steal her for a second, you go have some fun, beautiful." His head slightly nod to the table with drinks and a few appetisers.

Mr. Räikkönen didn't need a reply back as he took Minttu away leaving the Italian behind with a teasing smirk. But he offered food, so that sounded better than anything.

Going back inside the mansion, Bella observed her colleagues around already having fun with other men who were appreciating the attention. Bella only missed now Leyla who would probably be screaming that she wanted to leave but she always ended up staying... until a few days.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!" A firm tight hand around her arm almost makes her choke with the shrimp making her accidentally swallow it half chewed. Bella tries to cough in attempt to spit the content but that's useless. "Don't you dare dying with a fucking shrimp now!"

"Water..-" Bella whispers as he rolls his eyes walking back to the table and handing her the bottle of water. 

Bella glares at him emptying the bottles content in one gulp. She sighs deeply leaning her head against the stairs railway, him never leaving her gaze.

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