Chapter 4 - Meet, Cosa Nostra

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Authors Point of View


The large gates of the dark basement were open, urgent mad steps echoed through the hall, few guns unloaded in the process. Rats, spiders and even web of spiders could be seen everywhere. The huge windows just above the walls around were the only source of light, as the boss was surrounded by his subordinates walking in front, in the back and by his side. Security norms from the Mafia Cosa Nostra.

A small body is positioned in the middle of the enormous room sitting in a small chair, his face covered with a dark cloth, his hands and arms tied in a big rope in either arm and leg of the chair.

Daniel rolled his eyes looking at the man state, mumbling something to the body guards in front. They stepped aside giving space to their boss.

"Fucking hell, for how long this thing doesn't shower?" the Australian asks turning around to face his staff all with widen eyes glancing at each other, rolling his eyes at his own staff stupidity. "Off!" he gestured to take the guy's huge cloth not in expectancy.

His dark hazelnut eyes meet his destroyed figure eyelids closed and little snoring could be heard as his head bows slightly.

"Really? Are you sure this is the guy who stole the shipments?" another few steps and a known half disappointed and confused voice echoed through the dark room.

Daniel's nostrils flares, his head jerking one side to another, the dark honey eyes turning into a stone cold dark sky .

" Took you too fucking long to arrive! Eh!" Daniel hissed side eyeing his colleague meandering, smiling looking at the environment before his eyes meet his.

"Sorry mate, I had some issues, to fix." he explained shoving his hair away from this face, fixing his colar giving Daniel a knowing look as his sweaty distinctive perfume getting into the older man nostrils.

"Verstappen you Fucking bastard! It's midnight how can you be fucking around at this time!" his eyes narrowed, as he glared at the youngster

"Hey you're the one who taught to enjoy this to the maximum, now what?!" he retorted pleased with himself stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"Master?" the bodyguard jerks his head towards the front where the man's eyelids slowly open, his green eyes absorbing everything they could, a slight frown appearing between his brows eyes darting everywhere looking for answers. He blinked away a few times, stirring his arms above his head.

Daniel huffed resting his hands on his hips "Oh come on! Stop taking so fucking long to wake up, you're going to be sleeping sooner again anyway! " he rolled his eyes massaging his forehead.

The man's eyes widened when they finally adjust to the strong light the muscle in his jaw twitched

" Master Ricciardo " his lower lip quivered.

" The Fucking God himself and if you didn't saw, Verstappen and that Fucking late twat Vettel is also around!" he stared at the gate again, making sure their other partner made it in time, but when was Vettel not late again?

" Master I-I didn't do anything wrong! " Daniel gave him a once-over turning back to the gate." I would n-never betray you Master." the man pleaded stuttering, suddenly panicking.

Daniel sighed his jaw clenching, his eyebrows rose "First of all, right now you're as useful as a flat vibrator." he struggled tilting his head to the side, kneeling down near the man gripping the arm of his chair a bit confused. "Did you brush your teeth? Don't open that mouth just nod or something!" Daniel jerks his head almost rolling his eyes jumping to his feet when the man shook his head.

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