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Your parents left for a trip, and you're both alone in the house.

You both agreed to have a movie marathon, since he was bored and you are too.

You are making a snack for the both of you. While Jungkook is finding a good movie.

Jungkook: Are you done yet?

Jungkook shouted from the living room, eager to watch the movie he just chose.

You: Almost!

Jungkook fished his phone from his pocket, logging on on his twitter account and scrolling down with a blank face. Looking like a cold person.

You just finished making your snack and is heading towards Jungkook, you placed the snacks in the coffee table.

But then you noticed Jungkook occupying all the space on the small couch, while looking at you with a smirk.

Jungkook: Oh no! The couch is fully occupied, what are you gonna do now?

You were about to speak but Jungkook cutted you off.

Jungkook: You can sit in my lap.

You were about to complain, but an idea popped in your head.

You: Okay then.

Then you suddenly let yourself fall on his lap.

Of course the purpose is to do something.

Jungkook's face scrunched, and bit his lip to stop his whining.

You: What are you doing? We're here to watch a movie, not to just sit here.

Jungkook tried not to move much while picking up the remote and playing the movie.

Halfway through the movie, you keep shifting on his lap. Trying your best to find the most comfortable spot to sit on, not noticing that Jungkook is having a hard time.

'Shouldn't have let her sit on my lap.' Jungkook regretted. 'How do I fix this, now that she is sitting comfortably.'

Suddenly you shifted once again, only to be halted by Jungkook. He grabbed your hips to stop you from moving.

Jungkook: Please don't move.

You were confused, but then you felt something poking your bottom. You instantly became shy, as realization hit you.

Sure you're innocent, but you know this kind of things. You, know the thing called boner that men have when they get aroused.

You: I-I...

You stuttered only because this is the first time you gave someone a boner.

Jungkook: It's fine.

Suddenly, Jungkook smirked making you confused, since he was more flustered than you earlier.

Jungkook: You know... you can help me with this.

You: H-how?

Yes you know boners, but don't really know on how to fix it. And that, made Jungkook smirk more and made you stand up and make you face him, only to pull you back down. Making it look you're straddling him.

From the suddenness, you gasp and landed your hands on something hard, which is his chest. You looked up only to find his face is only inches away on yours.

You can feel his breathe on your neck and on your lips, sending shivers down your spine.

Then suddenly he moved your hips forward, making himself groan and making you whimper.

Jungkook: How about you do it yourself, baby?

The endearment almost makes you fall for him.


When your friends found your account,
And starts reading your stories.
And you feel like cringing on your own writing.
That ignorant friend of mine,
You know yourself.
fuck you, bitch

Btw, maybe I'll update once or twice each week.
That's it.

Have a wandahful day ^_^



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