Chapter 9

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" uhh, I don't mean to interrupt, but we should save the arguing and questions later because we kinda I don't know GET THE THREE OF YOU BACK INTO YOUR OWN BODIES!! " Knuckles yelled over the two hedgehogs in front of us, making everyone freeze
{Sonic's Pov}

I look at everyone, after Knuckles out burst, to see fear and uncertainty, I sighed and walk over to the bed in the room and sit down with my ears pressed against my head

" I'll leave once we get back into our own bodies and I'll take Ivo with me if you wish " I said not looking at any of them

" wait, what?! You said you'd rather stay in this realm than heaven of hell " knuckles yelled, but I didn't reply, there wasn't much choice, they don't trust me anymore

I then felt someone's hand on my...Silver's shoulder and i get locked in eye contact with my body, shadow had a look on his face that practically said 'don't you dare or I will chaos blast you to oblivion'

" there's not much point, I didn't tell anyone this because I knew you would all freak out, about it and then you all would most likely want me to leave " I said, but soon regretted it as I was flung into the wall by shadow

I grown in pain, I open my eyes to see everyone in shock except for Coral and Fuchsia who were trying to hold back laughter

" hahaha, you should of seen that coming, I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier " Coral laughed as everyone looked at her

" what exactly happened " Silver asked as he walked over to me and helped me up

" he triggered one of my 'powers' " I said as I walked to Coral a hit the back of her head

" wait what, I thought you only had speed " tails said, as knuckles agreed with him

" uhh no, that's just my first choice of my abilities " I answered

" soo, what abilities do you have " asked Omega

I looked at everyone and saw questions dancing in there eyes

" well for starters, he has telepathy " Coral smirked as she looked at shadows body

" WHAT!! " Silver yelled causing everyone to cover there ears

" you had to say that, didn't you " I seethed at Coral who shrugged her shoulders with a smug look on her face

" everyone's just completely ignored me and my statement " Knuckles growled, I rolled my eyes and created a sphere of cyan and made it circle Knuckles head before making it trap Coral in a net

" REALLY " she shouted as I laughed as everyone but Coral and Fuchsia had there mouths open

" and knuckles I wasn't ignoring you, but to do that we need the chaos emeralds and Chaos's help in order to undo this mess and I have a feeling this won't be a piece of cake " I said seriously as I looked him in the eyes

" wait so how will we know if... your powers randomly come out " shadow glared

" by staying calm and relaxed, it took me almost 300 years to get my powers under control " I glared back as everyone looked surprised

" how old are you exactly " said Amy

" 2583 years old " I replied as her mouth hung open along with everyone else's but Coral, Knuckles and Fuchsia

" wait, so you are immortal and have other powers other than speed, could you when this mess is over, I don't know, teach me somethings, please " silver said as he had the puppy eyes on shadows face which made me blush brighter that knuckles fur

" s-sure, S-silver " I stuttered, which made everyone confused, until Coral smirked wickedly at me

" Don't. Even. Think. About. It " I growled as my blush was now a light pink, she just smirked wider

I walk over to my body, and push shadow down so I could find what I was looking for

" what the hell are are you doing " growled shadow

" trying to find...found it " I pulled out a canister, it was made of silver and had a golden cross on it, Corals eyes widened as she saw it, she put her hands up and stepped backwards

" hey, let's not go that far, plus why the heck are you carrying holly water in your quills " she shouted as everyone looked confused yet shocked

" your forgetting I'm not affected by holly water like you, and if you try and play match maker with me I will make you drink the in tier bottle of it " I seethed  at her as her face paled and everyone stepped away

" match maker? " shadow asked, as Amy beamed with excitement, Knuckles and Tails were trying to hold back laughter and Blaze, Silver, Rouge and Omega smirked

" you know when a friend or family member, try to get the desired person to date the one they have a crush on, for instance when silver made the puppy dog eyes sonic blu-" Coral hissed when I splashed by sonic who had an in raged look on his face, along with a blood red blush

" Coral, SHUT UP OR SO HELP ME I WILL SEND YOU TO THE DARKEST PART OF HELL " I roared at her making everyone pale including Knuckles, Coral and Fuchsia

{ unknown Pov}

*it's almost time to put my plan into action, but first I need to stop him from getting the Chaos Emeralds* I grin wickedly, as I watch the Speed Demon and his weak companions in the crystal mirror

" Brother, are you sure this will work " said my twin sister

" of course, but we need the chaos emeralds " I stated grimly, but a smirk began to form on my lips

" send the strongest creatures to retrieve the emeralds and kill anyone who gets in there way " I say darkly and chuckled wickedly

She smirks back as she looks at me

To be continued

I have seriously been working on this all day, so I hope you in joy


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