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Write Our Lives by WolfyTheWolfz
Write Our Livesby Wolfie Paris Grace
Ask any question to any of the characters I listen.
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Mobius Arts by WolfyTheWolfz
Mobius Artsby Wolfie Paris Grace
Moved from Spagonia to Mobius. Going to a new school called Mobius Arts. Sonic meets a lot of new friends and makes a lot of rivals/enemies.
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The Fallen by WolfyTheWolfz
The Fallenby Wolfie Paris Grace
Eggman finally got what he wanted. He was finally able to take over everything. But he also got Sonic, he took her and hasn't been seen since mission Freedom
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Everything Changes by WolfyTheWolfz
Everything Changesby Wolfie Paris Grace
Everything Changes when the gang is teleported back to Station Square. Everything Changes when Chris and his friend find out the truth of Sonic and Shadow's history. Eve...
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Fight For The World: A Sonic Roleplay by Luna_Da_Fluffywoof_
Fight For The World: A Sonic The Chronicle ✒️
(This rp was done on my previous account so I'm reopening it here!) Mephiles is back and wait.... Now he has a daughter?! Join the fight to save the world from Mephiles'...
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Sonadow One-Shots by WolfyTheWolfz
Sonadow One-Shotsby Wolfie Paris Grace
The title says it all.
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Abused In Highschool by WolfyTheWolfz
Abused In Highschoolby Wolfie Paris Grace
Sonic is a lonely kind of kidis gets abused at home from his father and uncle because they blame him for his mothers death. He also gets bullied at school his best frien...
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Sonic's Secret by WolfyTheWolfz
Sonic's Secretby Wolfie Paris Grace
Hydrophobia the fear of water Sonic The Hedgehog is known for having hydrophobia but what if its all a lie and there is a bigger mystery that meets the eye.
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Their Love by WolfyTheWolfz
Their Loveby Wolfie Paris Grace
Shadow one of the popular kids with sports along with Mephiles and Fleetway. Sonic is also popular but with music in a band with Silver and Scourge called Dark Neon. Wha...
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The Casino by WolfyTheWolfz
The Casinoby Wolfie Paris Grace
After visiting Mobius, the cupbros and Sonic with the help of some new friends from Mobius take down the devil and seal him away. It was peaceful for years until one day...
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Love on HighSchool {Sonadow, Mephilver and Fleetourge} by SonadowSxSh
Love on HighSchool {Sonadow, SonadowSxSh
Edit: Do you believe on love at first sight?? Love is everywhere, it can make us do things that we least day you'll just realize that you have feelings fo...
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Sonic Boyfriend Scenarios by SavannahG12
Sonic Boyfriend Scenariosby Savannah Grace
Something I also wrote on Quotev, hahaha. Enjoy!!!!
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Destiny by MelGamingPlays
Destinyby Melissa
Legends fortold a legend of a hero. The legend was passed down generation to generation until one fateful day. Out of nowhere, a peculiar cobalt blue blur protected his...
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SONADOW - cute love on school by MephyChan
SONADOW - cute love on schoolby Liya
Sonic and his brother Tails are moving to a new high school. Sonic was in class doing some normal routine but one of his classmate has a feeling for him and loved to fli...
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Stop Crying and Smile by WolfyTheWolfz
Stop Crying and Smileby Wolfie Paris Grace
Sonic is a lonely kid and gets abused at home from her father and uncle because they blame her for her mother's death. She also gets bullied at school her best friend Ta...
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Werehog Cafe (Discontinued) by seasong15
Werehog Cafe (Discontinued)by Seasong
Manic, along with his brother and sister, just got a new job at a maid cafe. Manic and Sonic were forced to wear maid outfits while Sonia didn't really care. Besides the...
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The Six Boy Couple (Sonic x Shadow x Silver x Mephiles x Scourge x Fleetway) by AndytheArcher24
The Six Boy Couple (Sonic x AndyRullezz
Holy Fuck. This book is going to be a fun time! The main point of this book is Sonic is a depressed young hedgehog. He lives alone, he has no friends, and he hates his l...
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The Gang's All Here by 0PepperMint0
The Gang's All Hereby 0PepperMint0
It's been over three years since Manic has last seen his friends. In this third story of the A Cryptic Attraction series, we'll see more beloved characters thrown into t...
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Black Arms 101 by Shades365
Black Arms 101by Shades365
Follow Sonic, a Black Arms Submissive as he travels to the mating grounds of his kind. There, he will meet both old and new faces and also fall in love. His life afterwa...
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The Story of Our Life by WolfyTheWolfz
The Story of Our Lifeby Wolfie Paris Grace
Shadow doesn't remember his full past only bits a pieces of it. He remembers someone else was there in Maria's final moment other than himself, Maria, and the GUN agent...
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