Chapter 28

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{Demon's Pov}

i opened my eyes and saw the two fallen gods and smirked

time for some fun


{Mohamed's pov}

I glared at the angle chao as they teased me, oh how i hated that they did this on purpose, the angle girl had told me May had left to the mortal realm

"Mohamed, they'er just playing" i heard the god of death say as he rolled his eyes as he stood there 

"well they are such a pain, i mean even Scar, Sonic's pet, is more well behaved than they are and he's a dark chao!" i stated

"i swear your a child" 

"oh look who's talking, you were jealious by the fact May didn't love you" I scoffe

"don't you dare start this up again" Sage growled

"oh i can and i will" i growled right back

"and if you look over there you can see the two dumbest gods in heaven" we both heard Asrath say, we turned to look at her

"shut up cat" I growled, but noticed the angle girl beside her

"May will be back any minuet and you two are acting like children" Asrath sighed as she shook her head

"well he started it!" I snapped at the girl

"wait" Sage paused and i felt it too, something was wrong...

i started running to the gate, the other two god and the angle girl ran after me, when we arrived, i saw May, Chaos, Tikal, Knuckles, Scourge, Zonic and Malice, but two other hedgehogs

"Malice" i growled lowly

"Mohammed stand down" May glared at me

"why?!" i snapped

"i am Queen and there is something much worse than Mailce being here" she snapped 

"wheres the other prince?" Sage questioned

"thats the problem, Mephiles and Iblis took him" Zonic glared at the ground

"what?" Asrath took a step back

"I didn't know what they were doing, they acted different when Me and May were married and had children" Malice sighed

"I thought you always had your siblings side?" I questioned with a glare

"Enough, you listen to me, you van argue later, but with the peace treaty in the balance this is not what to do!" Sage snapped, but immediately regretted it as he was punched in the face 

My eyes widened at who had done it

"all everyone damn cares about is this peace treaty! no one gives a damn about US and I'm sick and tired of me and my brothers being seen as an object!" Zonic snapped, his eyes had turned orange as he glared daggers at Sage

Scourge wasn't looking at anyone

"Sometimes i wonder if there was ever a reason for that war" Scourge muttered

"thats enough" the angle girl stated, i forgot she was there

the red and black mortal stood still at the voice

"look at you all, acting like children, i would of thought the god of death, goddess of the stars and the god of the ocean would be mature about this and not rile up the princes, knowing what they can do" i rolled my eyes at her statement but remained quiet "and as for you Shadow, i'm disappointed that you didn't see through all the lies of Ivor, of Black Doom and all the others" 

"i-" he got cut off

"but i'm also proud you saw your wrongs and did the right thing" She smiled

to be continued

thanks for reading


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