Chapter 3

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Everyone looked at the blue hedgehog that was Shadow only to see a navy blue hedgehog with blood red irises with a wicked grin on his face

" Sonic w-what is going on " stated a terrified Red and black hedgehog


{Therd person}

" Chaos " said Sonic as he took a step towards Silver and Blaze

" Sonic what is going on " said blaze as she got up into a fighting stance

Silver was scared out of his mind, though he still stood up to help the one in his body and the love of his life

" haha, well looks like your friend didn't listen to your warnings Sonic " said the dark blue hedgehog as his got closer to the trio

" What do you want Dark " growled The albino one

" ok, uhh can you tell us what is going on before I do something I will regret " Stated a annoyed cat, silver nodded in agreement

" I'm only here to warn you, manly him " said Dark as he points to Sonic in Silver's body

" so what is this warning " asked sonic, Blaze and Silver looked for answers as well

" next time you won't be so lucky, keep him as calm as possible or else THEY will take control and I think it's time you told THEM who you are before HE takes over " said the navy blue hedgehog as he slowly turned to a light blue again and collapsed, sonic court him before any damage was done

The albinos face had gone as white as snow, suddenly Rouge and Omega walked through the door (I made Omega a bulldog in this like in short-stories) and they froze when they saw the three hedgehogs and the purple cat

" what is going on " Rouge yelled confused

" shit, I have to go " stated the white hedgehog as he rushed to the door after placing the blue one on the bed, but was blocked by Omega

The red and black hedgehog and the purple cat looked to each other and said " You aren't going anywhere until you tell us what just happened " they said at the same time

" ....I need Knuckles here now " stated the albino one

To be continued


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